01 August 2017

..::Product Review::.. Hartz® Delectables™ SqueezeUp Cat Treats

Have you ever heard of an interactive wet cat treat?  Well, they exist, and they are a cat's best friend!  Hartz Delectables offers this new take on the beloved 'cat treat' with the SqueezeUp line, available in both chicken and tuna flavors.

"Delectables SqueezeUp, available in Chicken and Tuna flavors, is a rich, thick puree in a lickable tube that provides cats with a fun and delicious treat. "Delectables SqueezeUp treats allow cat parents to hand-feed their cats out of a tube for a fun experience for both cat and cat parent," says Lester Ding, Brand Manager. 

Ideal as an in-between meal treat or as a savory topper for dry food, Delectables SqueezeUp's convenient, single-serve tubes provide cats with tempting treats made with real chicken or tuna, without by-products."

Check out the video below:

For the purpose of this review, I was able to try the new Delectables SqueezeUps and some new cat toys:

The SqueezeUp line come in a large pack of (4) smaller tubes.  

I started with the chicken, and then gave Kitty a second one in the tuna flavor to see if he had a favorite.

He didn't flavor-discriminate.  It seemed as if he liked both equally.  To be honest, he is not a picky cat.  He loves snacking.

The back of each main-pack has a quick feeding direction guide in case you were wondering how to feed these treats to your kitty.  There really isn't a 'right way', so just do what you want.  My daughter and I gave Kitty them directly by hand as it provides interaction on a deeper level.

Needless to say, he loves these treats!


If you haven't tried treats like this before-- give 'em a shot.  Your kitty will love them!

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**Disclaimer:  I received the products mentioned above in exchange for a review.  My opinions haven't been influenced by the company.