28 August 2017

Fertility Food: Eat Until You're Eating for Two

It’s safe to say that superstition dominated a lot of pregnant couple’s thoughts this solar eclipse. From tips on staying inside while you’re pregnant to strange dietary advice on refraining from eating since the hidden sun can spoil cooked food; people even allowed it to dictate the colors they wore on the day, in the hope of warding off negative spirits.

While it’s no guarantee that red will keep you safe from spirits out there, you can depend on a few, scientifically proven ways to boost your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving.

Here are the ultimate foods to eat while you’re trying to get pregnant, keeping your body fueled up and ready for action.


Foods High in Iron--

When your period starts, it’s important to remember that you need a lot of iron - and not just comfort food. Dietary Guidelines for Americans has named iron deficiency as the number one concern among women when they’re in their childbearing years.

Indulge a bit and get back on track as soon as possible, feeding your body what it needs for a successful pregnancy when you conceive; meat, fish, beans, and leafy greens should all have a place in the spotlight on your plate.

It’s not just because they’re known for their high iron levels but also because both fish and leafy greens have anti-inflammatory benefits. This comes in handy if you’re struggling with painful cramps as well as encouraging a healthy blood flow. Remember to combine your high-iron meals with some bell peppers or broccoli for their vitamin C to help your body to absorb the iron better.

It’s important to remember that by eating right and maintaining an active lifestyle, you’re building a great foundation for a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, it’s no guarantee, and couples who have been unsuccessful for a while should talk to their doctor and consider seeking professional help. You can learn more about discounted IVF packages and continue to save for your little family.

Omega 3 and Zinc--

As you’re about to ovulate, it’s necessary to feed yourself plenty of nutrients to support the release of the egg - and promote the upcoming pregnancy. Find foods that offer a lot of zinc in order to assist with the cell division as well as the production of progesterone; lamb and leafy greens, such as spinach, are power foods when it comes to adding zinc to your diet.

Spinach is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world, by the way, so you should invite this to your meal as often as possible during all stages - check out this article as well for some more beauty secrets of this popular leaf.

When you’re ovulating, it’s important that you also stack up on essential fatty acids such as omega 3. This fatty acid can do a lot of magical things that will come in handy during this phase; we’re talking the promotion of blood flow to your uterus, supporting the follicle to release the egg - as well as boosting the testosterone in your body and encouraging your sex drive.

You can have a look at other foods that may work as an aphrodisiac, by the way, and include them in your snacking - they’re delicious in any way.

It’s crucial that you get enough water at this stage as well; otherwise, it will be difficult for your body to develop follicles and to transport hormones - in addition to thinning out your cervical mucus which could make it a bit easier for your man’s swimmers to reach their destination.

Warm Foods and Beta-Carotene--

As you’re entering the luteal phase, it’s time to feed yourself nutrients that will promote cell growth and support your body in holding the upcoming pregnancy. Get your hands on those leafy greens again, as well as colorful foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes to help keep your hormones in check.

It’s a lot of talk about whether eating cold foods contribute to infertility and there seems to be no easy answer to this. The most important thing to keep in mind is if you believe eating warm food can boost your fertility, you should continue doing so. A confident attitude about your pregnancy and to fake it until you make it may have powerful attributes; eating as if you’re already pregnant can basically prime your body for conception.

So maybe we shouldn’t sniff at all the friendly advice until we’re actually pregnant. Fool your mind and your body to speed the process up a bit, stay positive, and keep an eye on the early signs of pregnancy.