17 August 2017

5 Simple DIY Pallet Projects

Wood pallets are everywhere, and with just a little bit of creativity, you can create fun and unique additions to your home. The following are some simple DIY pallet projects you could start on today.
#1 - Pallet Coat Hanger
After picking up a few hooks from your local hardware store, and grabbing a free pallet from your nearest grocer, this project could be up on your wall in less than a half hour. This very simple project adds a unique touch to any home, with sturdy functionality.
#2 - Rustic American Flag
This patriotic project is a sure conversation starter, and is quick and inexpensive to make. With just a few simple tools, some screws, and a little paint, you can have this piece up on the wall in a couple hours. A great way to show your love of country and passion for creativity.
#3 - Firewood Rack
Sometimes all that is needed is a container. This firewood rack is just the thing to add functionality and visual appeal to that stack of wood. With a handful of shingles and a few nails and screws, this firewood rack is the perfect touch for your work area, keeping wood dry and contained.
#4 - Wine Bottle Rack
In the pantry or near the dining table, this ultra-simple wine bottle rack adds a fun touch to your home. If you don’t carry enough wine in the home to necessitate a full wine cellar, this could be a great option for you. With a few screws and your favorite wood stain, this project is quick and easy, with excellent visual appeal.
#5 - Pallet Wall
Simple is the name of the game, and this rustic pallet wall is so simple, but adds a beautiful touch to any room in your home. The best part is, you can add boards at random! All you need is a saw and some screws, and before long you will have a visually appealing, inexpensive pallet wall!
Decorating the home doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few ideas and some added creativity, you can turn your home from bland to fab.  For more unique and creative ideas, check out the super Saturday crafts at Thoughts In Vinyl.