10 July 2017

The Hidden Health Problems Faced by Celebrities

We tend to think of celebrities as having everything a person could want from life. They get to choose where and when they work, have millions of dollars in the bank, and they’re usually super attractive to boot. However, though we like to think of these fortunate few as superhuman, and thus having no problems to contend with, that just isn’t the case. They’re still made up of the same stuff the rest of us are, and as a result, it’s no surprise that they have health problems, too. Though they’ll never be unable to afford treatment, it’s worth bearing the following conditions in mind when we next gossip about the rich and famous!

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Body Issues--
There’s a cost you have to pay to be a part of the Hollywood elite. You have to look great, and not just when you’re at your best, but always. Whereas many of the general population want to look good for their own self-esteem and to find a partner, for the celebs their attractiveness will determine whether they’re able to continue being an A-List celeb or not. This is an issue that affects women particularly hard because they’re usually judged more severely than their male celebrity counterparts, but males do suffer too.

Mental Health Concerns--
Look at the conditions that make people suffer from mental health problems, and it’s no wonder that celebrities aren’t immune to the problems of the mind. They’re always under pressure to perform well (because big money is at stake), have other people dependent on them, and have all their problems aired in public. It’s a stressful existence, and it’s no coincidence that there are celebrities out there who would trade their fame and fortune just to be happy and happy within themselves. More celebs than you realize are affected, too, and it’s not always easy to spot the signs: You'd never guess these famous people with schizophrenia just by looking at them. It’s only when you look beneath the surface live’s of celebrities than you understand they’re liable to suffer from mental health problems.

Many people have “wild tendencies”, at least for a bit anyway, but aren’t able to act upon them because of their financial situation and responsibilities. In any case, people who drink too much tend to ostracized by the ones they love eventually, so people make sure they don’t fall into that trap. If you’re a celebrity, none of this really matters. You can afford all the vices you want, you never have to be up early in the morning if you don’t want to be, and you’ll always have people who want to be your “friend.” There’s a reason that so many famous celebrities have to check themselves into rehab: these are the lucky ones. Some celebrities fail to get help and end up paying the ultimate price.

Divorce and Health--

Because they’re usually used to getting what they want and can pick from just about anyone in the world, celebrities get divorced at a higher rate than the general population. While it can cost them big bucks if they didn’t sign a prenup agreement, it can also have an effect on your health. That’s right, a stressful divorce can affect your health! Depression, anxiety, cardiovascular issues, and weight issues can all materialize after a divorce. As well, some studies say that having a partner actually lengthens a person’s life.

Heart Problems--

Given their sometimes rock n’ roll lifestyles and the immense pressure they’re under, it’s no surprise that celebrities can be ripe for heart problems. Robin Williams (now passed), Barbara Walters, Bill Clinton, and David Letterman are just a handful of the famous faces who have had to have treatment for heart issues.

The Common Problems--

Of course, some health problems that are faced by celebrities aren’t so surprising, for one simple reason: they’re human! Selena Gomez was diagnosed with lupus, which was remarkable only because she is famous. The disease can affect anyone. There’s also been a long list of stars who have battled - or succumbed - to cancer, especially over the past few years. Whatever type of celebrity you are, you’re not safe from the health concerns that plague the multitude.

Final Thoughts--

While we can all recognize that celebrities are fortunate in certain aspects of their life, it’s also important that we remember that they’re also people. They have goals, fears, insecurities, and indeed health problems like all the rest of us. They just happen to have a talent that is disproportionately valued by the rest of society. Be grateful you’re not famous because some health problems are actually caused by being famous!

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