06 July 2017

The Flawless Older Bride: Modern Trends for a Flawless Look

When love hits you the second or third time around and a wedding is on your horizon, you want to look spectacular. You may not look the way you did at 20, but you can still flaunt your maturity and look outstanding on your wedding day.

Weddings are times when you are photographed often. How can you prepare to look your best, so that the pictures show the best version of yourself? Here are a few tips for reaching that goal.


The Bridal Gown--

Gone are the days when an older bride should pass up the opportunity to have a dynamite dress or a small wedding. Some of the hot trends for brides over 50 include blush colored gowns done in romantic laces with demure cap sleeves. The style might be a sheath, mermaid, or a-line style. If you want to show off arms and cleavage in a strapless strapless or halter-style dress, you can incorporate a stylish bolero jacket or shawl for the ceremony and shed it at the reception.

Azazie, which offers bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses in a variety of styles for all  ages and body types, is a great online store for you to visit when choosing your dress. You can even have samples sent of dresses you like for yourself and your attendants for a small deposit so that you can take a close look at them in your own home.


Skin, Nails, and Hair--

As people age, they experience changes to their skin, nails, and hair, all of which lose moisturizing collagen. Well before the wedding, you should start a beauty regime to restore your skin’s resilience and your hair’s shine.

You might even want to visit your doctor before your hairdresser and makeup artist. Ask your dermatologist to check flaws on your skin and the condition of your hair, as a vitamin deficiency could be causing skin problems or dull, lifeless hair. Visit your dermatologist 4-6 months before the wedding, to give them time to work. He might even be able to suggest a line of beauty products  that can help you restore your skin.

Your fingernails tell your doctor a lot about your overall health. A healthy person has health healthy nails. An unhealthy person has brittle nails that crack and chip and pale nails (sign of anemia) Ask your doctor what kind of foods and vitamins you should step up and make sure to increase your water intake.

After your beauty treatments or medical intervention make you ready for a picture-perfect wedding day, consider visiting a makeup artist who will suggest  the colors and makeup and nail enamel that are not only trending, but that enhance your appearance.


Your Body--

As an older bride, you may be coming into marriage with a body that shows the stretch marks, fat pockets, extra weight, and other “imperfections” associated with age, especially if you’ve had children. You may need to gain or lose some pounds, as well as adopt a routine exercise program to tone up. Usually a good workout program and a healthy diet plan will do the trick. However, there are times when you may want medical help to reclaim your physical body.

If all your efforts do not produce the body you want, you might want to consider the early wedding present to yourself of liposuction or other cosmetic procedure. Talk to a plastic surgeon such as Julio Garcia MD plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, who can provide solutions to sculpt your body. You should address these issues 8-12 months before the wedding to give yourself time to recover and to tone up your new body.  

A little pre-planning and pampering can make you an appropriately blushing bride at 50 as you embrace your new life.