19 July 2017

..::Product Review::.. Green Tree Jewelry

THE REVIEW:  I was provided with the opportunity to test out some products from Green Tree Jewelry, and let you guys know how they rate.  I tested three pairs of earrings:  Ocean Pearl Earrings, Pineapple Earrings, and the Profile Sugar Skulls. 

I love jewelry.  Not expensive jewelry, but the affordable kind that lends itself to be a great addition for any outfit.  I've been told many, many times that I am an incredibly unique individual (is that a good thing or a bad thing?), and I can safely say that I have finally found my match for jewelry.

Green Tree Jewelry boasts so many unique aspects that I fell in love as soon as I visited the website.  In fact, I was amazed to find that they make more than just jewelry.  They're quite an incredible company.  They use a "very thin, strong multi-layer wood, that has been put together in a criss-cross fashion giving it an amazing strength."  Each earring is laser-cut and given the best and finest detail of any wooden jewelry I've seen.

From them, I received three pairs of earrings that I can say are unlike anything that I have in my jewelry box.  All three pairs arrived on recycled card backs in their own plastic bag.  All of the earrings are:

+ Made from sustainably sourced wood and 90% recycled display cards.
+ Laser-cut wood
+ Image on Front with Natural wood back
+ Ear wires are silver-finished 304L stainless steel, hypoallergenic

The first pair that I tested was the Profile Sugar Skulls.  Here is a little about these earrings from the website:

+ Style # 1529
+ Size 1.0" x 0.9"
+ Perfect to wear for Dia de los Muertos, and all year long!

The next pair is the Pineapple earrings:

+ Style # 1523
+ Size 1.4" x 0.70"
+ Picture perfect Pineapple earrings will make you want to cut it open and take a bite

Lastly, the Ocean Pearl earrings:

+ Style # 1528
+ Size 1.95 x 0.5"
+ These Ocean Pearl earrings are a treasure in themselves!

I'll be honest here-- the only problem that I have ran into whilst reviewing these is trying to decide which pair to wear first.  Every. Single. Pair of these earrings are amazing. The detail is high-quality, the colors are vibrant, and they are the lightest earrings that I have ever worn.  It seriously feels like I am not wearing jewelry at all.  The 'Profile Sugar Skulls' and the 'Pineapple' earrings were one solid piece, while the 'Ocean Pearl' earrings had two movable parts that worked together.  So cute!  If you are into making your own earrings like this, you can try a 3D printer (they are all the rage right now).  Check out SelectedBest.info for some great reviews.

Today I have been wearing the Pineapple earrings as it is a hot and sunny day.  My own little tropical paradise!

Another thing I want to mention is these earrings are made right here in the United States in San Diego, California (one of my favorite places in the world!).
+ SO MANY style options to choose from.
+ Extremely light... will not pull your earlobe.
+ Excellent quality and design.

+ Can be worn for a variety of occasions.

+ Created with sustainably-sourced wood and are eco-friendly.
- Nothing.  Nothing at all.  I love these earrings!

+ YES, made of wood (birch).
+ YES, very lightweight wear.
+ YES, many style selections.

Please note that these earrings are water-resistant, not water-proof, so be sure to take them out before you go swimming or shower.
STAR RATING: On a scale of 1 to 5, these get a 5.
RECOMMENDATION:  YES, I definitely recommend this brand!  Please refer to the pictures to see why.
Order here (dangling earrings = $14.95)

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I received this product for free in exchange for inspection and an honest and unbiased review.