01 July 2017

Eating on a Budget: How to Make Triangular Swiss Steak

Look -- we all know that the end of the month can get pretty tight when it comes to your budget.  Sometimes we end up spending a little more than we intend to, which can wreak havoc on your finances.  

A good meal should never be compromised because of an unforeseen budgetary problem.

Most of the time, we have stuff hanging around in the fridge (or freezer), but have no idea what to do with it.  

This is a very quick, and effective recipe that can absolutely be customized to your ingredients on hand.  

It's been deemed Triangular Swiss Steak.  No, not that fancy Swiss Steak you find on a restaurant menu, but quite literally-- swiss on steak.

As we continue, please know that by steak, I mean whatever cut of meat you find in your freezer.  By swiss, I am referring to some kind of cheese.

Here are your basic ingredients:

+ basic all-purpose seasoning
+ garlic salt
+ swiss cheese (or whatever you have)
+ cut of meat (random)

1.  Take your meat, and cut it into palm-sized triangles and season generously with your all-purpose seasoning.  

2.  Fry each side on medium-high heat to pan sear the meat.

3.  Turn the heat down, and sprinkle on a little garlic salt.

4.  Slap on some cheese slices to fit the cuts.

5.  Cook until well done (approximately 8 minutes).

You can do so much with this recipe, because practically any side dish fits well.  You can also sandwich these triangular swiss steaks between a piece of bread for a quick snack, or you can stuff it into a pita with some quick veggies for a heavier meal.  

The sky is the limit with Triangular Swiss Steak.

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TJackson86 said...

Would this recipe do well with tilapia? I cannot wait to taste this!