07 July 2017

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Weekly Prizes:  Grilling Tool Set Through September 4, 2017

Jarlsberg® Cheese is celebrating summer – and the grilling season - with the Jarlsberg® Summer Grilling Giveaway, a summer long giveaway series for fans who adore their outdoor cooking and lifestyle! Jarlsberg® Cheese is offering a weekly giveaway, through September 4th, of a Grilling Took Set. Enter daily for a chance to win at: http://www.jarlsberg.com/us/pages/53/summer-grilling-giveaway-series      

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Other contests running include:

  • Jarlsberg cheese summer grilling series runs through September 4, 2017.
  • Weekly Giveaways of Grilling Tools, runs through September 4, 2017
  • Last Days of Summer Giveaway of a Propane Fire Pit, running from August 16 through September 4, 2017
The Jarlsberg® Summer Giveaway Series runs through September 4th, winners will be notified by email.
Jarlsberg® Cheese is available nationwide in the specialty cheese case in the deli at grocery retailers, and comes in pre-sliced packages, or sliced at the deli counter, and is also available in club stores. 

There is a Jarlsberg Cheese available for every palate:
  • Jarlsberg® Cheese is famous for its characteristic mild, mellow and nutty taste and its large round holes. 
  • Jarlsberg® Lite Cheese Lite has the same mild flavor as regular Jarlsberg® Cheese with 50% less fat and 30% fewer calories, than regular Swiss cheese. This reduced-fat variety of Jarlsberg® Cheese  has the characteristic large round holes, with a lower fat content – perfect for those days when you crave the sweet, nutty delights of Jarlsberg®Cheese but need to watch your diet.
  • Jarlsberg® Hickory Smoked Cheese has a piquant smoky taste, and like most smoked foods has a darker, browner surface.  Jarlsberg® Hickory Smoked Cheese is cold smoked over smoldering, hickory chip embers, this hickory smoked flavor will enhance your cold or hot foods, with its deep, smoky charms. 

About Jarlsberg® Cheese:
Jarlsberg® Cheese was founded in 1956, and still remains the go-to cheese in the U.S. and abroad. With its slightly nutty, mild flavor, Jarlsberg® Cheese is a staple in kitchens from coast to coast, and is used as an on-the-go snack; melted in recipes or on BBQ favorites, and on sandwiches. Naturally Gluten and lactose free, Jarlsberg® Cheese is also available in many flavors, including Jarlsberg® Lite and Smoked Jarlsberg®. Jarlsberg® Cheese is endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved Emblem.

In 1956, we created Jarlsberg® Cheese, using an original Norwegian recipe. Why does Jarlsberg® cheese taste so mild, nutty and delicious? It's all part of the legend...and Norway's most guarded recipe! 

2017 Jarlsberg® Cheese Summer Grilling Giveaway
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