04 July 2017

6 Easy Things You Can Do to Get Rid of Oily Skin

Having oily skin can feel like a curse.

Use the wrong products and you end up with breakouts. Forget your moisturizer and you end up looking greasier and oilier than the usual.

You can spend hours doing your makeup. But, after a while, everything smudges and wears off.

Your blush isn’t there anymore and your foundation has worn off. And that’s long before you actually get to your event or date.

There are tons of things that can cause oily skin. You can blame your genes, the environment you live in or the products you use.

Even your diet plays a big role, too.

You see, when you eat foods that have refined carbohydrates, for example, it spikes your insulin and triggers an inflammatory response. And, as a result, you get acne.

Good examples of refined carbohydrates include white rice, baked desserts and pastries. White pasta and rice snacks are also included.

Dairy foods, like milk and cheese, can have the same effects on your body as well. So does eating salty and sweet foods.

With how common these causes are, you might be wondering how you can avoid or get rid of oily skin. There are a couple of ways, actually.

One of the things you can do to put an end to your oily skin is to use the right products.

For your face, invest in the best facial wash for acne skin. It should contain acne-fighting ingredients that won’t compromise your skin or leave it dehydrated.

Keep in mind that dry and dehydrated skin can trigger excessive sebum production. And you wouldn’t want that to happen.

The best body wash for acne prone skin, on the other hand, should be medicated but not too harsh. It must be able to kill acne-causing bacteria and provide gentle exfoliation without damaging your skin.

Some of the ingredients you should look out for includes salicylic acid, zinc and benzoyl peroxide. Glycolic acid is another great option.

Apart from cleansing, don’t forget to moisturize, too.

This is one of the most common mistakes people with oily skin unknowingly commit. When you have excessive oil on your face and you feel greasy, it’s easy to think that your skin doesn’t need creams and lotions anymore.

So, you skip your moisturizer.

Unfortunately, what it does is trigger your skin to compensate for the “lack” of moisture. Even though there’s too much oil already, your skin produces more oil to “protect” itself.

As a result, you get more problems than just oily skin.

With too much oil, your pores can easily get clogged. You’ll develop blackheads, whiteheads and, yes, even acne.

Because of the congestion, you can get textured and rough skin, too. A dull complexion with these issues will never look pretty.

So, how can you manage your skin?

To help you put an end to these struggles and get rid of oily skin, here are a few more tips and an amazing infographic for you.

6 Easy Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Oily SKin
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