12 July 2017

5 Essential Baby Stuff You Would Need to Invest on

(authored by Stacy Belk of MomWoot; see her bio at the end of the article)

Starting a family is kind of a big ordeal, isn’t it? There are tons of preparations that need to be done, checklists that need to be completed before baby one comes. Also, you come into this dilemma of getting 'so much advice' from your friends and relatives to buy certain stuff, but you’re not sure whether or not it is necessary.

Raising a family means you won’t be only dealing with one child. Sooner or later, there will be another one that would probably need the exact same things. So, to help ease those worries, first-- let us try and cover the basics. What would you need to actually invest in for your baby?

Here Are 5 Basic Essentials--

#1 - Baby Crib

If you’re not planning to allow your baby to sleep with you - especially if it is a newborn, as it may cause hazardous instances like SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) - then this should definitely be on your top list. Baby cribs are essential, so as to establish your baby’s sleeping habit. Yes, there can be moments that your baby will have an erratic sleep cycle, but it is important to establish his or her own space. This would mean comfort to both you and your baby. When you plan to have a baby crib, of course you must know your budget. This is because baby cribs may be a bit pricey. There are different kinds of baby cribs with special features to choose from. It’s like picking a new sofa for your house. Don’t forget to consider where you will put the baby crib-- will it be in your room, or will the baby have a nursery? Either way, space must be dealt with. You can choose to buy the best baby crib following the instructions here.

#2 - Baby Stroller

As a parent, your number one priority is providing the best there is for your child. That includes comfort and safety. I’m pretty sure that your baby will not always stay at home. There will come a time in where you would need to show to the world how adorable your baby is. Now, your arms are a very safe space for your child. However, you (as a parent) would probably get tired after a few minutes of holding your baby when you’re out for a walk. Your baby’s body is very fragile that it needs to lie down comfortably on his/her back. This is where the baby stroller comes in to the rescue. Also if you are an active kind of mom, a baby stroller with you while taking a run is the good way to go. Not only is your baby within your arm’s reach, you also get to work out and get some fresh air.

#3 - Baby Car Seat/Carrier

This adheres to the same reason why you need a baby stroller. If you are a kind of family that enjoys going out a lot, then this will be one of your favorites. It keeps your baby safe and comfy wherever you go. It also gives you free hands to do other stuff. Now there are baby carriers that can be converted into baby car seats. This type can be a bit pricey, but, if you will think about it, it’s like buying an all-in-one package. Also, your next babies will be able to use it, too.

#4 - Baby Bag Organizer

This is essential simply because, all of the stuff that your baby needs will be put in here. Like diapers, extra clothes, baby wipes, etc. As you enter into a season of having a baby, the stuff you put inside your purse is nothing compared to the bulk of stuff you would need to bring along when you and you baby steps out of the house. A baby bag organizer will help you keep everything in place in one bag. To find the best baby bag for you, try and find the one that will suit you until your baby no longer needs to have that much stuff. Durability and quality are what you would want to focus on when buying a baby bag organizer.

#5 - Baby Humidifier

This is a kind of machine that provides warm and moist air. This is mostly recommended by pediatricians. Because the warm air that the humidifier gives can kill bacteria. It also helps your baby breathe by decreasing mucus build up hence opening your baby’s respiratory passages. Humidifiers can also have its price. But its purpose is to simply make your baby healthier.

Author Bio
I am Stacy Belk, a mother of two kids. One active 3-year-old toddler and a 6-month old baby boy. Taking care of your child is not as easy as following a recipe. Each child has their own uniqueness. But one thing I learned in being a mother of 2, is that it all boils down to how much you would want the best for your child. Visit my blog at MomWoot.com

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