30 June 2017

The Key to Looking Good on a Budget? Getting the Makeup Bag Right

In an ideal world, we’d be able to rush out to our favorite cosmetic store, load up our basket with everything we need, and return home to stock up our now bursting makeup bag-- full in the knowledge that we’ll never be caught out unable to look our best. But there’s that annoying old thing... you know, 'real life'... and it is in the way stopping this from happening. Instead, we have to think about purchases a bit more. The good news is that you really don’t need every bit of makeup under the sun. Invest in quality versions of the essentials, and you’ll be on your way to beautiful!
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Strong Start--

Starting from a good base is the key to having strong makeup. But funnily enough, this is one thing that many people actually overlook! So you’ll be ahead of some people, even if you have a few items in the makeup bag. To start fresh, you’ll need to have two essential items in the bag: a primer and a base. The primer will help your makeup stay looking great for longer. The base will be the foundation for your makeup.

Concealing Flaws--

Nobody is perfect. Everybody has those late nights that leave them looking a little worse for wear the next. Bags under the eyes and spots on the skin can ruin our night if they’re not taken care of. Fortunately, with a good concealer, you can make it look like they never happened. Of all the things you have in your makeup bag, none will come to your rescue more than your concealer. When looking for one for your bag, choose one that’ll give you the most natural look (so that nobody knows you’re wearing it).

Strong Eye Shadow Game--

So much of our inner beauty stems from the eyes, and with an eye shadow palette, so much of our outer beauty will stem from the eyes, too. Learn how to use eye shadow, and you’ll be able to conjure up many looks at will. Because it’s so important, it’s worth making sure you get a palette that’s high quality; Violet Voss cosmetics are particularly known for their eye shadow palettes. How you apply the eye shadow can make-or-break your look, so it’s worth playing around with some styles before presenting yourself to the world.

Fluttering Eyelashes--

There’s a reason that so many women consider their mascara to the most important product in their makeup bag-- it can dramatically alter your look but is understated enough that you can wear it at almost any time, including at work. The other good thing is that there is so much it can do. Depending on your needs, it might thicken, darken, or even produce a lightening effect on those fluttering eyelashes.


Ready to make a statement? There’s no better way to do it than with lipstick-- one of the tried and tested and all-time favorites of makeup bags across the world. Have a good lipstick in your makeup bag (throw one in your purse, too!), and you’ll always be able to turn heads.  

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