19 June 2017

So You May Not Have Any Monsters Under the Bed, but ...

A lot of children fear the so-called monster under the bed when they are little. It's easy for them to imagine that there is something upsetting and unknown under there when they are left alone in the dark. But what happens when you grow up? Well most of us stop believing in monsters under the bed. Unfortunately, part of grouping up is dealing with the issue that life brings as well. That can mean bye-bye to imaginary monsters and hello to real life problems. Read on to find out more.
Sharing a Bed-- 
Are sharing a bed with a partner, or do the kids get up in the night once they have had a nightmare? Or maybe you even have a particularly large and snoring pet to contend with? No matter what the problem, it can really bring it home that sharing a bed isn't all roses.

In fact, it may be that you always get the best night's sleep when you are alone. But this just isn't practical for many people. So how can you banish the monster of a bad night's sleep, without banishing all of your loved ones as well?
First of all, it can really help to have ground rules. Set a time that you go to bed every night. Then everyone around you will get used to that being your undisturbed time. Also, split your bedtimes if your partner is keeping you awake at night, then at least you can get off to sleep.
If it's the kids that are the problem, then some boundaries can help. You can try getting them to stay in their own beds and rewarding them when they do. Or limiting reassurance to once per night in their own room.
Another monster of a problem with getting a good night's sleep can be allergies. Unfortunately, some of us are just more sensitive to certain things like dust mites. These are microscopic bugs that eat up all the dead skin that we shed during the night.
The problem is that if you are allergic to them, this is going to cause you a nasty reaction, meaning a good night's sleep is almost impossible.
To cope with this use hypoallergenic bedding, and keep your bed and pillow as clean as possible. Also, the use of an air purifier can help alleviate this condition.
Mattress Woes-- 
If you have complaints about your mattress, it can seem like a monster to you. You toss and turn but no matter what you do you just can't get comfortable and see your way clear to slip off into the land of nod.
Of course, if this is happening to you then it means it time to get a new one. Before you purchase, check online and read the negative as well as positive reviews to get a true sense of whether the mattress you have your eye on is the right one for you. https://mattresspicks.com/ is one of the best blogs that can help to find the right mattresses and related accessories that is right for you.
Bed Bugs-- 
Separate to allergies, bed bugs are a nasty infestation that are like real tiny monsters. Yes, there are tiny, but boy do they bite! That mean they are not so much fun to have around when you are trying to get a decent night's sleep.

To deal with them, you may need to treat the bed mattress and bedding with products that kill them. Or get a professional exterminator in, to make sure that they don't come back.  

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