01 June 2017

Home Improvements You Can Do for Under $20K

Spring is here and homeowners around the country are gearing up to take advantage of the nearing warm weather months. This is when we repair our homes from the effects of the harsh winter.  We remodel, refresh, and renew our homes while we are blessed with mild temperatures.
Often times we are overwhelmed when we think of remodeling. The expense and time it takes can be staggering. The smart homeowner takes on remodeling and home improvements in smaller sections to make it easier to cope with. There are many meaningful improvements you can do to your property in a short period of time and for less than $20,000.00.

Kitchen or Bath--
Give your kitchen or bath a “face lift” on a budget. There are many ways to enhance the look and function of these two rooms. Paint, wallpaper, flooring, and cabinetry are all important. But when you are operating on a budget, opt for a focal point that will draw the eye of anyone entering the room. Begin with a beautiful designer sink or vessel. The focus of each of these rooms is the sink area. They come in many unusual and beautiful designs. This single improvement will enhance the entire room. A new style vessel gives the kitchen and/or bath a fresh ambiance with understated charm.  When you add some finishing touches, like a great back splash, counter top, or vanity-- it all comes together. You get the look and feel of a remodeled kitchen or bath with less effort and expense than a total re-do.
Pub Shed Ideas--
Forget the man cave. The newest addition to the backyard is the pub shed. A pub shed is a small building designed for the small pub or bar of your dreams. The choices are endless. Your pub shed can be a relaxing lounge setting with deep cushion seating, a bar that stocks exotic drinks, and soft music. Or you can go with the traditional, bar stools, dart board, some good steel tip darts, beer serving, hang out for all the guys in the neighborhood. It is easy to do and for less than $20,000 you can have it up before summer.  

You design the pub shed to suit your needs. They are made of steel and are prefabricated in various styles and colors. They carry a 40-year rust-through warranty and are virtually maintenance free. While this building is designed for the relaxation and fun of the homeowner, the building can be used for other purposes in the future.
Cool Roof--
The science of designing a steel building that is more energy efficient has brought us to the cool roof. A cool roof is a specially designed roof that is light in color and protects the integrity of the steel building. But that is not all. Because of the way the cool roof disperses the heat it collects, it has a positive impact on the environment.

While buildings around the steel building are using energy from electricity or gas, they are absorbing heat from the sun all day and using appliances to cool the building. This creates a phenomenon known as Urban Heat Island. This impacts the wind patterns, cloud development, rainfall, and many other environmental issues that directly affect our health.

Home improvements do more than increase your property value. They give you a new energy and allow you to enjoy the things you have worked so hard to accomplish. You do not have to spend your retirement savings and remodel your entire home. Choose a project and set an annual budget to remodel one area at a time. You will be glad you put the effort into it. Remodeling is investing in your home. And that is investing in yourself.  


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