17 June 2017

Fireplace Designs for 2017

As we move into fall, it is quite likely that we’ll be spending more time indoors appreciating the solaces of home. Evening night and weekends spent sitting around the fireplace will soon become a routine. We are excited to welcome winters with fireplaces fixed in our homes. But why not design our space in a trendier way styled to perfection? With fireplaces, we can integrate a loving feeling and extravagance in our homes by introducing a trendy fireplace.
Nothing is more mesmerizing or more consoling than the glimmering flares of a fire in winter. A place dedicated for fire in your home acts as a wonderful focal point and makes a definitive cozy sight to get you through the colder months. With various brands and models to select from, choosing a fireplace for your space can be a little overwhelming.
This article will serve as a guide for you to make your fireplace decisions and follow the 2017 fireplace trends:
+ Selecting a Suitable Fireplace
+ Different Types of Fireplace
+ Fireplace Designs for 2017

Selecting a Suitable Fireplace--

First and foremost, you need to determine the primary purpose of buying a fireplace. The market offers you several manufacturers and within those, different types of models are available. Before you step into the market, review these questions to help yourself decide on the best fireplace suiting your home décor.

+ Will fireplace be a main source of heat?

+ Is it only for style or aesthetics? Or does it have to offer both?

+ How much are you willing to spend?

+ Weigh up factors like cost to run, fuel, and so forth.

+ Is it a short-term or long-term investment?

+ Consider the building requirements for different fireplace types.

+ Factors like insulation, window sized, and ceiling height will impact on the fireplace type most suitable for your home.

+ Consult an expert! Compile the details of some measurements and photos of your living area and take it to the nearest dealer.

+ If you are looking for a fireplace that doesn’t require a surface or floor to sit on, then wall mounted fireplaces are certainly the best choice. You can also recess these fireplaces into the wall for a tidier and more-custom look.

Types of Fireplaces--

The term "fireplace" evokes perceptions of an expansion of the family room wall; one which contains a space where a pile of wooden logs tardily burn and crackle while giving out a constant stream of warmth which is voraciously absorbed by the inhabitants of that space. However, the variety of fireplaces doesn’t end with that thought, and there are fireplaces more than just the wood-burning ones.
You now have a wide variety to choose from; the gas-burning, ethanol, and electric fireplaces are just a few types to mention. These are the major wide divisions, and among them there are different sub-divisions. WallFireplacePros.com offers a great variety in ethanol and electric wall mounted fireplaces; with free-shipping worldwide. Have a look at their collection and beat the winter blues.

Gas-Burning Fireplaces. These fireplaces produce more warmth as compared with the ones run on wood. Also, they are substantially less costly given that they are not as construction-intensive as the wood-burning fireplaces.

Ethanol Fireplaces. They are modern in design and strikingly simple to fix. Ethanol fireplaces are extremely popular now. What’s enticing about them is that you can always choose a design which is best compatible with your color scheme and interior decoration. They don’t give off any odor, and are perfect for the ones who seek clean burning. These fireplaces are also the most eco-friendly among all other types. If you are unsure about the specifications, you can always find information on ethanol fireplaces.

Electrical Fireplace. Electrical Fireplaces have lately developed significantly. They now exploit advanced LED lighting technologies to mimic a fire impact that is nearly on a par with the real feel. With electrical fireplaces, you can easily choose to turn on or off the heating while keeping a fireplace-like environment. They are also low-maintenance and energy efficient.  
Fireplace Designs in 2017--

Today, even fireplaces have been technologically transformed and come in incredible designs. Here are a few that you must know about:

Suspended Fireplaces. These are hung from the ceiling and create an elegant interior model & central point for a room.

Rotating Fireplaces. These come up with a ludic 360-degree pivot rotation option that can enable the fire to be situated anyplace in a room. A freestanding rotating fireplace is additionally a wonderful alternative as the rotating burning chamber gives the adaptability to put fire wherever you want.

Free Standing Fireplaces. These are a very effective heating alternative for homes not having sufficient wall space for an inbuilt fireplace and are ideal for homes with high cathedral style roofs. Furthermore, they function great with huge format glass windows that let you enjoy a panoramic sight.
We hope you will find this article helpful in your search for a suitable fireplace for you home.

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