19 June 2017

Boost Your Bones

It’s always good to work on boosting our bones. After all, we are at higher risk of conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis as we age. Therefore, we need to ensure we keep on top of our bone health. However, a lot of people don’t know what they could be doing to help their bones. It can lead them to make errors in their daily life. Therefore, here are some easy ways to boost your bones, so they are strong and healthy as you age.

Ensure You Are Doing Plenty of Weight Bearing Exercises-- 

It’s so important that you are taking the step to do more exercise in your life. After all, there are a number of reports found that doing a lack of exercise can put you at higher risk of conditions like osteoporosis. But despite this, so many of us spend hours during the day sitting at a desk or in front of the television. Therefore, it’s time to do more exercise for the sake of your bone density. Of course, any exercise can have a significant impact on our health. But in particular, weight bearing exercises can be great to keep our bones strong. For example, exercises like walking and running can be excellent for keeping us healthy! If you can carry some weights while you do it, that's even better!

Increase Your Calcium Consumption-- 

You might have thought it was an old wives tail when family members used to say you needed to drink more milk for your bones. But it’s true; calcium is highly effective for maintaining healthy and strong bones. Therefore, you need to increase your consumption for the sake of your health. However, a lot of people can be left puzzled on what foods contain calcium. In particular, you need to ensure you are consuming plenty of cheese, spinach, and yogurt which all contain good amounts of calcium. You will also find calcium in some forms of fish like sardines, so add these to your daily diet, too.

If you are still struggling to get enough calcium, you might want to consider opting for some supplements. After all, as you can read on these AlgaeCal reviews on Amazon, the supplements are ideal for increasing your bone strength. It can be helpful if you are struggling to add enough to your diet. Just make sure you check in with the doctor before you take any extra daily supplements.

Get Your Fill of Vitamins D and K--

As you will know, it’s so important to get plenty of vitamins in our daily diet. After all, they ensure we stay in good health. But you might not realize that they are also essential for our bones. In particular, you need to try and ensure you get your fill of vitamins D and K. These are both excellent for keeping our bones in good condition and can warn away bone diseases like osteoporosis. You can find vitamin D in a lot of fish like salmon and tuna. Also, breakfast can be a good time to get your fill with eggs and cereal including vitamin D. As for vitamin K, you can find this in green leafy veggies like cabbage and broccoli!
Don't forget to remember to be careful with your drinking and smoking habits. You might not realize (or you might), but these are really bad for your bones!