17 May 2017

Useful Ways To Stop The Signs Of Aging

If there is one inevitability in life, it is that the clock is always ticking, time does not stand still, and we are progressively getting older with each passing day. Short of freezing your body, there is no way you are going to maintain your youthful looks forever. However, there are some ways to offset the effects of aging, so without stopping time itself, here are some of the ways to do it.

Eat healthily--

You have probably heard the saying; you are what you eat. That is true, as the more nutritious foods you consume, the healthier your body will look and feel. Not only that but many foods offset signs of aging by providing the essential nutrients we need to protect our skin. These include olive oil, green tea, fatty fish, and of course, fruit and vegetables with that all important vitamin C.

You can apply all the skin care products you want, but by having the proper diet, you will look younger on the outside, while remaining healthy on the inside.

Stay hydrated--

The great thing about water is that it doesn’t cost anything to buy as it can be sourced straight from the faucet. Staying hydrated keeps your skin naturally moist, reducing the risk of lines and wrinkles on your face. According to experts, the daily recommend amount of water should be about eight glasses a day.

Protect your skin--

In the summer, there is nothing better than being out in the sun and lounging in our yard or on the beach. However, while the sun does have life-affirming properties, it can also be dangerous to your skin. Skin cancer is a common threat, but the rays from the sun can also cause sun spots, dryness, and wrinkles. When outdoors for longer than 15 minutes, it is recommended you wear sunscreen for protection. You may even wear it indoors as it also contains anti-aging elements that moisturize the skin.

Another way to look after your skin is red light therapy. Not only is it effective in treating people with conditions such as eczema, but it has anti-aging benefits in improving circulation and repairing sun damage.
Healthy lifestyle--

It is important to cut down on anything that can produce unhealthy toxins in your body, such as alcohol and smoking. They not only damage your body on the inside but affect you on the outside as well.

Alcohol depletes vitamin A which protects your skin from free radicals. It also dehydrates your face, leaving a yellow complexion. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which reduces the blood flow to your skin, leaving it looking discolored and dry.

While it is important to care for our bodies, we need to look after our mental state, too. As holistic beings, the body and mind are intertwined, when one is weak, the other will follow. To offset this, exercise regularly, strengthening your body while releasing healthy chemicals to the the brain. Make sure you rest well too, with a healthy sleep pattern, ensuring you feel energized in the morning.

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