22 May 2017

Unlock Your True Brain and Boost Productivity with These Nootropics

Nootropics have been in the news a lot theses days. Nootropics are all-natural supplements that are unlike anything you ever tried before. In order for a supplement to be classified as a nootropic, it must actually improve brain functions. These supplements have been nicknamed “Smart Drugs” because they are so highly effective at improving focus, memory, concentration, and energy.

Nootropics improve circulation and oxygen distribution to the brain. They fight the effects of aging. They provide nutrients that are not introduced with the diet. Nootropics reduce inflammation in the brain and protect it from toxins. They work to release natural chemicals produced in the brain that make us feel good and battle depression. These attributes of nootropics improve our brain’s own ability to function which sharpens and enhances all of our natural brain power.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular nootropics and what they do. Before you begin, please do your research and know you are buying your supplements from a reputable company. Corpina is an industry leader in nootropics. They have spent the time and money needed to do the research. Their products meet or exceed industry standards.

Racetams. This is a family of nootropics that improve focus, concentration, and learning. They elevate the mood and energy levels. Some of the most common Racetams are:

+ Piracetam
+ Aniracetam
+ Oxiracetam
+ Pramiracetam
+ Noopept

Ampakines and Dopaminergics. These nootropics help signal the brain to release Dopamine. This is the chemical our brains use as a reward function to make us feel good. Dopamine levels are proportional to your concentration, motivation, and mental energy. These nootropics stimulate the receptors and allow you to feel great, do more, and do it longer.

Choline Supplements. These are found naturally in meat, eggs, and liver but not in quantities adequate to give us the sharpness of mind we want. No matter what nootropic stack you take (individualized supplements chosen to help with your personal issues) you should add Choline supplements to the mix.

Tips to Help Retrain Your Body and De-Stress:

As you begin to feel the effects of nootropics in your body, you will become aware of the things you do that work against you. You must retrain your body to function as the highly focused and evolved machine that it is. Here are a few tips to help you:

Practice focusing--

You are probably out of practice as for the past decade or so, multitasking was the trend. You must learn to focus on the project at hand and give it 100%. This not only makes you more effective, but you save time and ahead of the game. You may start by dedicating 20 minutes to a project. For that 20 minutes, do not answer the phone, check the computer, watch television, or talk to coworkers. As you get used to the focus, add more time to the minimum you will allow.

Rest when you are tired--

This sounds so simple, yet many people will push well beyond their need for sleep. They will work at the office, take care of home duties and children, and push on no matter what. By the time they try to rest, they are too tired. Do not reach for a Xanax. Take your all natural supplements (5-Hydroxytryptophane Remember, you are being more effective with your time so you do not need to force yourself to add extra hours to your work day.

De-stress your activities--

Maybe you have two children born in the same month. You have to come up with two different birthday parties complete with guests, themes, gifts, entertainment, and so on. Take the stress out of the situation by having one party divided between the two of them. Let them each have their theme, but instead of two cakes, and two sets of everything try buying bulk candy and putting together one candy buffet. The kids have their parties and you save time, money, and stress.  This idea works for wedding showers, baby showers, and other celebrations. Simplify your world and live with less stress.

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