01 May 2017

The Ultimate DIY: Building Your Own Tiny House

We can sit and perfect our regular homes until the cows come home, but at one stage we’ll be doing DIY for the sake of it rather than through necessity. But if you love DIY projects then don’t fear, because there is another project waiting for you, one that’ll challenge you and give you something truly valuable once it’s completed. Build yourself a tiny house and you’ll have a transportable second home that can be your relaxing space away from your regular life. It’s easier than you think.

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Building the Plan--

More so than other DIY projects, a tiny house requires a solid plan. You don’t have much space to work with (it’ll be a max 13.5 feet high, 8.5 feet wide), and inside that you need a bed, simple kitchen and bathroom, and storage space. There are plenty of great designs on the internet if you need inspiration or you’re wondering how everything will fit in. The best advice is to keep it simple, especially if this is a passion project rather than something you’ll be living in permanently. The planning process should be fun, so get creative! You’ll be surprised just how much fun designing with strict limitations can be.

The Space--

There are two considerations when it comes to tiny home spaces. The first is where you’ll build; the second is where you’ll put it. Because the house will be able to fit on a trailer, you don’t have to build the house where it’ll be placed. If you’re a keen DIY’er, then you’ll already have a working space for your projects, but remember that while this house is small, it’s still a big project. If you have friends or family with large amounts of land, consider building it there.

What You’ll Need--

The simplicity of tiny homes extends to the materials and tools you need to build one. Put simply; you need wood and windows! Of course, you’ll need more than this, but everything else is up to you. If you can build a structure made of wood and bring some light in through the windows, you have the basics of the house. You’ll want a balanced level (nothing worse than a sloping house!), and a drill. Take a look at reviews of cordless drills; they are worth the weight in gold, especially when you’re working in the outdoors away from any plug sockets. An easy to operate circular saw will also save your shoulder muscles from getting tired too early on!

The Building Process--

When it comes to building, don’t put any pressure on yourself. Get your family and friends to help and make it a proper group project. No big DIY project ever goes completely to plan; roll with the punches and figure out the problems as they present themselves. By and by your home will begin to take shape and you’ll be able to see the end in sight. Once it’s finished, you’ll be able to put it where you please and unwind in style!

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