18 May 2017

Age Is but a Number

As we get older, we slow down. Approaching retirement age means you can feel like you’re crossing a very long, very difficult finishing line and you’re looking forward to sitting down and taking a breath. We slow down not just mentally, ready for some time out to enjoy our grandchildren and our hobbies, but we slow down physically.
Many people will hear platitudes that say that we are young at heart, whatever our age. The problem with that is sometimes while we don’t feel the age we are on the inside; our bodies certainly do. We need to be able keep moving and keep as healthy as possible whatever age we are and there are so many ways you can do that as you move into the autumn of life. So, how can you keep your body in good shape as you age?


Our bodies need movement. It’s something you’ll have been told your whole life, but it’s even more important to do it as you get older. We cannot hope to stay fit and active without moving often but this becomes difficult over time. Switching activities like long distance running for swimming, and climbing for Tai Chi can make such a big difference in your health outlook. Physical exercise goes hand-in-hand with staying social, as it’s your chance to get out of the house and laugh with friends!

As above, getting out and being with people who make you feel wanted and happy which is crucial to your health. It’s something we take for granted in our younger years, but that we cherish as we age. Chess clubs, coffee mornings, walks in the park, and generally getting out and having fun is so important for mental health. When you have something to look forward to, you’re less likely to be stuck inside with no one to talk to. Make the effort to get out there!


It’s unavoidable that our bones start to give up as we age but there are things you can do to keep them supported and strong. Whenever you choose to take supplements, always read reviews like this AlgaeCal calcium review, and always get advice from your doctor before taking any. Vitamins and supplements are a great way to support your diet and improve your overall health but if they’re not going to serve the right purpose it doesn’t make any sense to take them.
Healthy Eating--

Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet can work wonders for your energy levels. Too much junk food and sugar can make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable, leading to bloating, gas, and other digestive issues that are something you simply don’t want to have to deal with in day to day life. Being mindful of your caffeine intake and drinking as much fresh water as possible will not only be hydrating and good for energy levels, but it’s great for your skin, too.

Your age is but a number, but you still must take care of yourself as best you can, no matter how young you may feel on the inside. Keep your body feeling younger for longer with our tips!