29 May 2017

3 Great DIY Ideas to Complete This Summer

While everyone’s out getting the perfect tan, a lot of people prefer staying at home to avoid the intense heat. It’s not a reason to get bored though! There are tons of projects you can do at home that are both fun and productive. Summer time is not just about exploring the outdoors, you can have fun by doing crafts at home, too! The internet is full of resources and inspiration, so you’ll never run out of ideas. From woodworks, accessories, and gadgets-- there are so many things you can DIY at home. To learn more about them and get you started, here are 3 great DIY ideas you can try:

DIY woodworks--

From home decors to furniture, DIY woodworks are great projects to start this summer. 

Outdoor furniture like wooden benches and tables are a hit this summer. You don’t even need to buy expensive lumber for it. A couple of 2x4's from your local hardware store will do. They’re inexpensive at around $3 to $8 and are sturdy and look beautiful, too. You can make benches, tables, and chairs that are both attractive and useful for the family. 

Wooden decorations are particularly easy to make as well. Same as the above, regular 2x4's will do. If you have any scrap wood you can re-purpose, the possibilities are endless. You can make frames, planters, and shelves and decorate your home to your heart’s content.

DIY clothes and accessories--

Summer season calls for a new set of clothes and bling that are hip and fabulous. You don’t have to spend a lot. Just take a dive in your closet and pull out all the clothes and accessories you don’t need anymore. Done? Now let’s re-purpose them into something new and beautiful!

Turn your old t-shirts into pretty tote bags without sewing anything. All you need is a good pair of scissors and something to mark your clothes with the pattern for cutting. If you have old jeans that still fit you, you can turn them into shorts instead. It requires minimal sewing skills. The spare denim fabric? Let's make them into a wallet. Easy right? The internet is full of detailed tutorials that anyone can follow so you’ll never get lost.

DIY electronics and gadgets--

It may sound hard to tinker with electronics but surprisingly there are a lot of DIY projects that are easy to do and require basic tools only. 

Did you know that you can turn a couple of pennies into a simple battery? A couple of batteries into a small power bank? You can even build a simple circuit out of a pizza box! Think of it as small science project you can do with your kids. It’s easy, fun, and at the same time educational, too! 

DIY projects are a great idea to learn something new. If you’re not busy getting a tan, enjoy your time indoors with these great projects. What a way to complete your summer experience!

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