03 April 2017

Top Three Things to Remember When Moving Out

Sooner or later, a time will come when you need to move out of your house for whatever reason. Either your lease is up and you need a bigger space for a growing family, or you’d like to be closer to work. Whatever your reasons, here is a list of things you have to do before you hand the over the keys.
Find All the Documents Relating to Your Tenancy--
This isn’t an issue if you’re selling, but if you’re ending a lease then the first thing you need to do is find all the documents citing any written agreements you have with your landlord. This includes any emails you have sent them about any repairs that you needed done, the receipts for all the rental and utility payments, and (most importantly) the inventory report from when you moved in.
Use these documents to figure out the correct procedure to end your tenancy, and how to cancel or transfer your subscriptions and services. If you are selling your property, you should also contact the utility companies to let them know you’re moving. They will schedule a time to come and do a reading so you don’t receive bills for a home you no longer own.
Finally, be absolutely certain that your deposit is protected by an authorized protection agency, then start inspecting the property for any damage and deterioration that may have occurred during your tenancy. Double check which items are deductible from your deposit and which ones are your landlord’s responsibility.
Use Your Time Wisely-- 
Start looking for a new place two months before you want to move or before your lease is up. Take the time to figure out your budget, how many rooms you need, and which amenities you need nearby. Homeowners should start looking as soon as they contact an agency to sell their property, so that they have something lined up whenever the new owners decide to move in.
If you’re renting, and you have a good relationship with your landlord or the agency they used, ask if there are any properties that fit your criteria and this will speed up the searching process.
Once you’ve found a place, and before you start packing, purge your belongings. You accumulate a lot of clutter, most of which you haven’t paid attention to in years, and you won’t have any use for in a new place. Moving will be so much easier if you have less boxes to transport.
When all the boxes are packed away, why not hire some end of lease cleaners to give the house a spruce? Years of dust, dirt, and misplaced items have gathered behind dressers and bookcases that haven’t been moved in years. Don’t leave it for the landlord or new owners to clean up!
Hand over the Keys--
By now, you should have given notice to your providers, put the boxes in the moving van, and left the house in excellent condition. Good luck in your new home!

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