27 April 2017

The 3 Most Popular Ways to Use Essential Oils in 2017

While there are many ways to medicate oneself these days, many are opting for natural remedies as opposed to prescription drugs, alcohol, or over the counter medications to relieve stress, treat pain, or relax. Essential oils have been around for a long time and for decades many alchemist’s have sworn by the plant-concentrated all natural serum to help their patients and clients with a diverse array of ailments. While the use of the oils went away for some time and was thought to be a form of witchcraft, now in 2017, they have become yet again, a very popular product indeed! Many yoga studios are including the use of essential oils in their restorative yoga classes to help students relax into poses. Others are using essential oils to de-stress after a corporate meeting or using diffusers in their offices to help with anxiety. There are many ways to take advantage of a healthy and natural way to reduce stress in your life.


Inhaling essential oils is a very popular way to reap the benefits of the natural product. The easiest way to do this is by using a diffuser to create steam. If you do not have a diffuser, all you have to do is boil some water and then add up to 7 drops of oil to the water. The best oils to use for this method are lemon, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus. Be sure to cover your eyes when inhaling the vapors as some can create a burning sensation in sensitive areas. You can expect to feel less congested due to cold or flu, enhanced respiratory performance as well as a reduction of sinus pressure if infection is an ailment you are prone to experiencing.


Topical application is the most common way that people use essential oils in 2017. By applying to the skin, many experience the reduction in noticeable scar tissue, slows aging, and promotes hydration. Many apply oils to their temples to reduce headaches or to their shoulders and back as a way to relax. Applying flowery scents to the chest area is also known to help clear the mind and open up the airways for better breathing. Some scents that are good to apply to the skin topically are sandalwood, roman chamomile, peppermint, bergamot, and lavender.

Next time you take a bath and your main goal for doing so is to relax and refresh your mind and body after a long day, consider adding some essential oils to your bathwater. By doing so, you can reduce the stiffness and soreness of your muscles, enhance blood circulation, improve your skin, and reduce stress and mental fatigue. The technique is simple. All you have to do is add up to 12 drops of essential oil to the water. Mix right away once you add it to the bathwater. Great scents to use in bathwater are lavender, peppermint, chamomile, or sandalwood.

No matter how you do so, adding essential oils to your weekly or even daily routine can greatly enhance your life. For more ideas, products, and thoughts on using essential oils, check out Essential Oils Sto. You will experience a different sensation in your mind, body, and soul when you give essential oils a try.

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