26 April 2017

Rainy Day Activity Ideas for the Whole Family

When the weekend rolls around, your whole family gets to spend time together in the same house. If you’re organized, your household will likely have a system for dropping activities into a hat to be drawn out every weekend. The problem is that you cannot guarantee the weather, so if your activities are geared towards the great outdoors, you may be a little bit stuck! Going outside is an easy option. The beach, the park, the fields; they’re all free. All you have to do is bring sports gear and game equipment from home. You then have hours of fun ahead of you with a picnic lunch in the trunk of the car – again, free!
Finding activities to do on a rainy day isn’t easy, and doing it on a budget is even harder. Thankfully, with the birth of the internet there are hundreds, if not thousands of ideas available at your fingertips for activities to do and it’s not just for the kids, either! Parents need a little downtime, too, so check out our list of rainy day ideas that your family will love. If all else fails, grab that rain jacket, and go outside and stomp in some of those puddles!

Arts & Crafts--

Every child, scratch that – every parent, loves crafts. Papier mache, play-doh, painting and drawing are all activities everyone can get involved with. Get making the solar system and talk the kids through the order of the planets. Everyone will love getting messy with the glue and you can truly enjoy the educational side of it all.

Curling up on a rainy day with a good book and a hot drink is one of the most satisfying things you can do. If you have spent your whole rainy day on board games and crafts and you need some downtime, think about a reading hour. You can buy books at any time of day with the birth of the Kindle, and now you can access millions of good, free books without ever having to leave your home with Paperback Swap. Order books online and swap with others. This way, you can forward books you’ve all read on to others who want them, while getting new books yourself. The whole family can benefit from this and you get some time to read quietly yourself!

When the rain is hitting the side of the house, the idea of a barbecue goes right out of the window. If you have a favorite recipe or baking idea, get everyone involved and teach the kids to make it. You can have some good fun making cakes and baking biscuits with the whole family, it’s an excellent rainy day idea.

Board Games--

So many people get caught up in technology that it’s easy to forget the classic games that are available. Twister, hide-and-seek and Monopoly are the best games kids enjoy when they’re growing up. If you’re stuck indoors, bringing out the old-school games is a great way to pass the time.
Rainy days don’t have to be boring. Get a little creative and you can have a fun-filled rainy day without spending too much!

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