27 April 2017

New Mommy: Ways To Make Some Money

It’s always a challenging time financially when you have a baby. After all, it means you will have to take time off from your job. You might not be entitled to any funds to cover the time you have off work. In fact, it can leave a lot of couples struggling in the first few months of being parents. It leaves a lot of moms wondering whether they should return to work sooner rather than later. However, the first few months are a wonderful time getting to know your baby. Therefore, you should stay at home with your little one if possible. Thankfully, there are some ways you can make some money while you are at home. In fact, here are some ways to make some money when you are a new mommy.

Sell baby stuff you are not using--

It’s so common, especially for first-time moms, to go a bit overboard when buying bits for their impending arrival. After all, they are unaware of what they really need for their little baby. So they tend to purchase a lot more than they need to for the newborn. This is before all the items that will come from family and friends. After all, they all will want to buy something for your little one. If you have a baby shower, you can expect a ton of gifts from this, too. But you will find you will barely use half the stuff you get for your baby. In fact, a lot of items will just sit untouched in your draws. It can feel like a waste when your little one isn’t using them. However, these items could be making you money. If you sell them on to other expectant moms, you will soon be raking in extra dollars. You might want to put them on an online selling site. Or you could even sell them through a social media site to moms in your local area. You might even want to have a yard sale which is a great way to sell your items. It can be hard to part with any of your little one’s item. After all, they can feel sentimental if your child has used them. But it can make you a small fortune and is the best way to part with your item as your child grows out of them. Therefore, try selling baby items to make some extra money while you are off with your baby.

Start a blog about parenting--

A lot of expectant moms love to read blogs in the run-up to their arrival. After all, it can give them handy tips and advice they can take forward for their own time with baby. A lot of people are making a ton of money from their blogs. After all, as the readership grows, they are more likely to get advertising and sponsored posts. Then they can soon rake in the funds from writing their blog. Therefore, you should consider doing some blogging while you are off with your baby. You can write about all the different experiences you are facing with your child. It will hopefully get people reading your blog. To ensure you make money, you need to ensure you use some form of search engine optimization. That way, anyone who is searching on Google for mommy blogs will come across yours. Then you will get advertising and companies paying you for sponsored pieces, too. You might even get things to write about which can be a bonus. After all, it might save you a fortune buying an item if you get one sent out to you for free to review! Remember to set up social media pages too. That way, you can share your blogs on these and will build up your audience.

Fill out surveys online--

Another thing which has become a popular way to make money over recent years is filling out surveys. After all, a lot of companies are willing to pay out money for people to fill out surveys on a number of different topics. It can often give companies research they need to move forward with their business. It can help them to make products which will fit their target audience’s requirements. Therefore, you can make some money while helping a company at the same time. There are a lot of survey sites you can join. There are some out there which are a scam rather than a decent way to make money. Therefore, before you sign up with any survey site, make sure you read a review similar to an ipoll review first to make sure they are legitimate. Make sure you are clear about exactly how you will be rewarded when you complete a survey. After all, you don’t want to spend time filling in a survey to find out you won’t be getting the money you are expecting!

Become a mystery shopper--

You will find you will spend a lot of time around the shops with your child. After all, you will constantly be needing to buy things like diapers and bottles. You will also need to get new toys and clothes as your child reaches another milestone. However, going shopping can prove a way to make you money if you become a mystery shopper. After all, you can head to a shop, make a purchase, and then review the service you received when you get home. You will get paid for the review you make about the shop. On top of this, you often get the item you bought from the shop for free too. Therefore, you are making and saving money at the same time. As with the surveys, you need to make sure you know exactly what you get from being a mystery shopper. After all, you don’t want to waste your time heading to the shops with your baby for nothing! Make sure you are clear on exactly what you are meant to do, so you fill out the review properly.

You might want to consider doing some babysitting. After all, you already have one baby to stay in and look after. So you might as well help out another family and earn some money at the same time!

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