27 April 2017

Moving on Short Notice?...

Moving to a new place is hard enough when you’ve got months ahead of you, let alone when it’s come as a sudden surprise! Countless people find themselves having to move on short notice every year, whether it’s due to a promotion they weren’t expecting, sudden financial shifts, or an offer coming up that was simply too good not to jump on. If the countdown’s started, here are some tips for managing a short-notice move.
Start Now!--
When you’re moving on short notice, there isn’t a moment to lose, so you need to get started as soon as possible on planning out the weeks ahead of you. Start off by calling up any moving companies and self-storage firms that you may need, and pinning down a date for the big day. These companies get booked up very quickly, and the longer you leave it, the less chance you’ll have of getting a slot that works for you. The sooner you start preparing for your move, the less overall stress you’ll have to deal with.
Get Packing--

You don’t need every last piece of paperwork to be finalized before you start packing. In fact, it’s a good idea to start getting anything non-essential in boxes as soon as you know for certain that you’re going to be moving. Furthermore, by spreading the packing process out over several days, you’ll avoid the strain of rushing through the process in one big, chaotic day of stress. As you pack your stuff, look for anything that you can afford to sell, donate, or throw away. The less stuff you have, the less you’ll need to worry about when it comes to unpacking and getting settled in. On the subject of packing, make sure you’re keeping stuff from certain rooms in certain boxes, and labeling those boxes accordingly. If you end up in the new place with a bunch of blank, identical boxes, with no dependable way of telling which box contains which stuff, it will make the process of getting settled in so much slower. On the other hand, if the “kitchen” boxes go straight to the kitchen, the “bedroom” boxes go straight to the bedroom and so on, unpacking can be a total breeze.
Call Some Friends--
In fact, you should probably call all of them! Even when you have a whole team to fall back on, moving into a new place can be a huge strain on your nerves. It’s going to be so much worse if you rise to the challenge by yourself, or with the help of your partner and no one else. Recruiting help with the move, even if it’s just a couple of friends, can go a surprisingly long way in making the process of moving faster and easier. It’s usually a good idea to contact more people than you realistically need. Everyone knows how much work it is to make a move happen, and there’s a chance that some people will duck out of it at the last minute!

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