27 April 2017

Bring on the Baby Shower!

Congratulations, you’ve found out you’re pregnant, and now it’s time to start getting excited. One of the best parts of the build up to your due date is the baby shower. The baby shower is a time to celebrate the new life that’s about to enter the world and to prepare expecting parents for the challenges of parenthood. So, let’s look at some of the possibilities for your baby shower to make sure it’s fun as well as useful. First, you have to invite everyone.

Send out the Invitations-- 

Inviting everyone to your baby shower means designing and sending out invitations. That means you should think about making the invites fun and interesting for parents. Remember, parents don’t have a lot of free time, so if they do attend a party, they want to make sure they’re going to enjoy it. Otherwise, you’re not going to get that many parents RSVP'ing yes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that your invitations need to be complicated. You can design free baby shower invitations that look cool and have all the relevant info that you need. Do make sure to let guests know if you want them to bring anything.

Gifts from the Guests--

You’ll probably get a lot of gifts at your baby shower and parents may have some ideas in mind for what they want to give you. But you can always give them some ideas of your own. For instance, a brilliant idea is to ask guests to bring their favorite children's book. That way, you can start building up your little one's library. This will ensure that you have plenty of books to read them at bedtime. Although to be honest, you’ll probably find guests read them at the party, too. It will bring back fond memories of when they could hold their own babies in their arms.

Gifts that you need are also a great option to ask for. Parents often over stock and are left with lots of items that they no longer need like extra diapers, potties that their children are too big for, and even car seats. If your guests are willing to pass these on, you can save a fortune on preparing for your new family.

Going Gender Neutral?--

There are plenty of parents who won’t know the sex of the baby before their shower which is completely understandable. You can still decorate your party and just stay away from gender orientated colors when decorating your party. You might also want to let guests know you don’t know the sex on the invitation. That way, you’ll be more likely to get gender neutral gifts, too.

Going Disney-- 

Finally, there are lots of different themes you can choose for your baby shower. But a favorite would definitely be a Disney-themed party. You can get Disney decorations, a cake with a baby Simba, and many other little things that let your guests know that having a baby was a wish your heart made.

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