25 April 2017

Bad Breath: What Causes It?

Have you ever walked up to someone and almost felt like vomiting when they started speaking? The sad truth is that many people suffer from bad breath and they might not even realize it!

One of the reasons dentists keep telling people to brush and floss their teeth every day is because food will get trapped between each tooth. And when that happens, bacteria starts to build up and spread in your mouth. Soon, that bacteria can lead to rotting and bleeding gums, and cause bad breath or horrible odors from one’s mouth.

While it’s simple to assume that having a lax attitude to teeth hygiene is to blame for bad breath, there are other reasons why your mouth is emitting such bad odors! Here are some of the other typical causes of bad breath, and how to cure such an embarrassing ailment:

You eat smelly food--

As you know, there are all kinds of ingredients out there that make up the meals you eat each day. What you may not understand is that some of those items can be the reason why you are experiencing an odorous breath!

Garlic, while it offers many health benefits, will leave you with a distinct odor in your mouth. The thing is, garlic is something that other people will smell from your breath as soon as you open your mouth! How to cure that problem? Eat lower amounts of smelly food, or use mouthwash after you eat.

You smoke like a chimney--

Unless you haven’t got a sense of smell, you will know that smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars will leave you with bad breath. Have you ever kissed someone after they’ve had a smoke? It’s not a pleasant experience!

The obvious answer to that problem is to give up such a bad habit. However, it’s by no means an easy feat, and so you’ll have to gradually stop your intake of nicotine. The logical answer would be to move over to e-cigarettes instead, available from places like Lizard Juice. Or you could use nicotine patches in a discreet part of your body such as the top of your arms.

Your prescription medicine is giving you funky side effects--

Have you ever read the leaflets that come with prescription medicine? They often have long lists of side effects! If your doctor has prescribed you drugs, the chances are high that they could be causing your bad breath.

If that’s the case, your doctor may recommend taking a lower dose or trying a different type of medicine instead.
You have a dry mouth--

It’s a well-known fact that the saliva in your mouth lubricates your mouth and helps to remove bacteria particles between your teeth and gums. If you have a dry mouth, you will increase the chances of having bad breath.

Of course, the question is what IS causing you to have a dry mouth? There are many reasons for that condition - officially known as “xerostomia” in the medical world. For example, if you tend to breathe through your mouth instead of your nose, that could cause your mouth to dry out.

Sometimes, prescription medicines can have side effects such as a dry mouth. Or, you could have an underlying medical condition like a salivary gland problem. This article over at WebMD will provide you with more information on the subject.

Final thoughts--

The above is a list of typical reasons why you might have bad breath. In any event, seeking professional medical advice is the best way to start tackling the problem. Good luck!

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