08 March 2017

You're Not Cheap, You're Frugal!

Life can be expensive when you have kids. If you want the best example of this just think about Christmas. It’s easy for parent's spending to grow completely out of control at Christmas. You might start out thinking that you are only going to spend a couple hundred bucks, but it can easily grow to a thousand! In this aspect, thank goodness next Christmas is still nine months away! The good news is that there are plenty of ways to save all throughout your year on your home, on your shopping, and on your kids.

Use Vouchers--

The first tip is to make sure that you are using vouchers when you have the chance. You can find vouchers and coupons online that (little by little) will shave a fortune off your shopping bills. You can get vouchers for everything from dish soap to coffee and even toilet paper. It just depends on whether you know where to look for those coupons. There are even special sites online where you can get codes for online shopping. That’s not the only way to save on your shopping, though.

You might also want to think about looking for deals out on the store floor. Superstores always have deals on certain products. If you’re not picky and avoid having preferences you can always shave a lot of money off your weekly shopping by taking advantage of these. You might also want to think about price checking different stores to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

Check Prices--

Of course you can check more prices than just your weekly shopping stops. For instance, you may want to look at your energy rates. If you have a look at energy rates online, you might find that you’re not getting the best deal on the market. As such, you may want to consider switching if you have the opportunity and the ability to do so. Once you find more information on this, you’ll see it’s easy to make the change to a cheaper company. In fact, your new company can sort it all out for you, so there’s no reason to worry. Within a few days, you could be paying less for your energy with a cheaper supplier.

It’s just one of the many costs you can compare online to make sure you are getting the cheapest deal. It really is a buyers market today and everything has a private, cheaper option. From car insurance to a gallon of milk-- you decide how much you want to pay.

Go Green--

You might also want to think about changing your lifestyle to be a little more green. By going green, you’ll easily be able to cut the costs out of the average week. For instance, think about how much you’re paying in gas. Petrol and fuel prices have risen substantially lately, but there’s an easy solution to this. Make sure you’re driving your car in a way that is more energy efficient. This means slightly lower speeds and less braking. If you keep an average speed of sixty and avoid hard braking you’ll be able to cut your driving costs down to size.

We hope you find this information useful and save more for your family this year.

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