05 March 2017

Make Your Yard More Fun for Your Kids!

Being able to play is part of every childhood; it really plays an important role. When we are teaching our kids at home, there is more than just the inside to keep them busy, though. There are several different things that we can do to help them learn as well as play, in the great outdoors. You might be worried that the outside space you have is quite small or wouldn’t work for play. But with a few simple ideas, it can be made into the perfect play place for your children.


Install a Sandbox--

I don’t know what kids don’t enjoy playing in the sand. Getting a sandbox installed is a great idea. When you nestle a sandbox in the flowerbeds, for instance, it makes the space integrated as part of the garden and the kids will be down and at the same level as the plants, shrubs, and mini-beasts that are in there. They can see the butterflies and birds and enjoy being in the yard that way.

Use Vertical Space--

If your yard is a little on the smaller side, then it is a good idea to use some of the vertical space that you have in your yard. You could use a wall and secure flower pots to them. You could paint a wall or side of a shed with chalkboard paint that the kids can use for drawing and doodles. You could also use buckets and attach them to fencing to keep toys off the ground. A child-friendly yard doesn’t have to be huge. It also doesn’t have to be cluttered or messy.

Make a Seating Area--

When there is somewhere to sit outside, then it makes it a great space for all to be. You can all enjoy meals out there, as well as have a place to sit and relax as the kids play in the yard. Some comfy chairs and a table are certainly a good idea. Think about using the space in all the different seasons, too. For example, you could get a patio umbrella or look into patio cover installation. Then the kids can enjoy being outside in the rain, and you can keep an eye on them without getting as wet!

Grow Flowers, Fruits, or Vegetables--

When children are involved in planting seeds, it is lots of fun for them. It is also great for them to have some kind of accountability over the garden. When they are set in charge of watering plants and taking care of them, it can really make a difference to how much they like being in the garden. When they see plants or veggies growing, then it is fun as well as it being a learning opportunity. This is a really good idea, especially if you want to get your children out in the sun and away from the TV or tablet!

Do you have any tips and tricks for being outside in the yard with your kids? There is so much to learn and explore outside.

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