02 March 2017

Health and Fitness: Out with the Old in with the New

The health and fitness industry know they need to appeal to those who aren’t inclined to take care of their health or fitness. So in recent years, we’ve seen a number of foods and products developed that look the same as before but are new and improved. So are the new versions really better, and what’s the difference?

Wheat Swapped for Gluten-Free--

It wasn’t until recently that the gluten-free phenomenon took hold, but it’s not showing any signs of letting us go! Gluten-free products look exactly the same as all your favorites, but apparently they’re better. You can still eat bread, cupcakes, and pasta, just a new improved version. They look the same, so what’s the difference?

Well, the obvious difference is that gluten-free products don’t contain any gluten. The reason that there’s such a big market for gluten-free products is that gluten-sensitivity is quite common. In the most extreme cases, people with celiac disease should avoid gluten at all costs. People with the disease are almost allergic to gluten because of its glue-like properties. In less severe cases, people can have gluten sensitivities. This means that when you eat gluten you could experience bloating or stomach cramps as a side effect.  

Before cutting gluten out of your diet, consider whether the reasons motivating you are medical or societal. If you believe that you’re gluten-sensitive, you must first consult a doctor. Gluten-free has become something of a trend and it’s important to only radically change your diet for medical reasons.

Cigarettes Swapped for Vapes--

Similarly to the gluten-free trend that seemed to appear from nowhere, the popularity of vapes is also on the rise. Cigarettes are notoriously bad for us and quitting aids have been produced for a long time. Vapes are the latest in a long line of stop-smoking-aids said to be the antidote to smoking

Vapes are similar to cigarettes but don’t contain the toxins and tar that cigarettes do. Having a browse for vape batteries has now become as common as buying cigarettes from a supermarket.

Dairy for Dairy-Free--

One of the most convincing arguments for going dairy-free is the advantageous effects it can have on the skin. Hormones found in cow's milk are (argued by some) to be responsible for creating acne. When our hormone levels become disrupted our sebaceous glands become stimulated. Our sebaceous glands produce sebum, the waxy substance which is responsible for blocking pores. Ingesting hormones can trigger this process and produce sebum which combined with dirt in our pores creates spots.

More of us than previously thought are also supposedly lactose-intolerant. Some statistics show that a huge 75 percent of the world's population cannot digest dairy. Dairy has also been linked to prostate cancer and heart disease. As with gluten, consult a doctor before making drastic changes to your diet.

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