21 February 2017

Yes, Technology Can Help You Find the Perfect House!

The average person moves eight times in their lifetime so you probably still have a few moves left to go! When it does come time to sell up and move on you might find the process a little stressful. Sorry, that was facetious – you’ll find it very stressful. There is nothing quite like moving house as it never goes to plan. There is a lot of hassle, there is a lot of admin, and there is a lot of emotion that form into a rather nasty experience. Thankfully you can avoid this experience nowadays with the right technology. Hooray for the twenty-first century!
Online Real Estate Agents--
Real estate agents like Heather Tibbetts have made the real estate game a lot easier. To be fair it isn’t just Ms Tibbetts that has contributed because almost every estate agent is online. It is the internet that has made and the difference by cutting out all of the red tape. In the past you would have had to book a meeting with the realtor, book an appointment for a viewing, and take time off work to see the property. Today you can do all of that with the click of a button by searching the website. Once you have the property you can even go and visit it without the need for a realtor. Simple!

Google Maps--
It all sounds simple until you get lost on your scouting mission. Say what you like about realtors but they do know where they are going most of the time. You are different because you have never seen the house before so you need a navigation tool. You can buy a Tomtom or a satellite navigation system but Google Maps is the perfect tool. All you have to do is input the address and follow the instructions as they are read out to you. The great thing is that Google Maps is on almost every smartphone so it really does cut out the middleman.
Digital Camera--
You might have to view a lot of properties in a short space of time. If you do, it isn’t difficult to mix up properties and their features. Before you know it you’re bidding on a house that doesn’t suit your needs because of your bad memory. Thanks to a digital camera you don’t need to worry about your memory any longer. Today’s cameras have amazing quality, are cheap and are sleek enough to carry around in a bag or purse. You can even use your phone’s camera because they fit the criteria, too. Just document the pictures and you will have a file on every house you visited which you can use to make your decision.

Mortgage Calculator--
So you have found the perfect house and want to make an offer, but can’t until you know whether you can afford the mortgage? Well there’s no need to wait around for the mortgage because you can use a mortgage calculator. The calculator requires you to input the price of the house and gives you a breakdown of what you need to pay. If you’re not sure you will get a mortgage you can check your credit score with the help of an online app, too.
Technology gives you all the tools you need to make buying a house a piece of cake.

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