02 February 2017

Wrapped Up: Your Guide to Picking Birthday Presents for Kids


Children love toys, but they also love pens, plant pots, carpet, hamsters, cardboard boxes, their school bag, and also the little Ziploc bags you put their sandwiches in. You see, kids are so creative that you could give them anything and they’ll thank you, as just the excitement of receiving a present is enough to make up for the fact that what’s inside isn't all that wonderful. Unlike adults, kids haven’t yet learned to hide their emotions and if their eyes are shining, or they have a big smile on their face it means that they probably love your gift even if it’s something practical like new school shoes.

Let the Child Be in Charge--


What we mean here is try to avoid toys where the child has to perform lots of little tasks, press buttons or listen out for instructions. While these toys are great for the short term, once the games, stories or tunes have been listened to a few times the toy doesn't do much else to encourage them to play. Once the novelty factor's worn off, you’d probably find them gathering dust under the bed with all the expensive batteries dead. For instance, Furbies are limited to certain words, or phrases and you can only teach it what it’s already been programmed to learn.

Sharing Is Caring--


Board games are fantastic presents for kids because unlike other toys they aren’t designed to be played with alone. While making up games, and stories by yourself can be fun it’s important for our social growth, and in particular for children's cognitive and communication skills that we interact with other human beings regularly. By picking a toy, such as a board game, dolls, or a hair styling and makeup set you're encouraging them to socialize. You could even buy a set of Custom Bobbleheads Unique Craftsmanship figures that look like friends or family! Buy purchasing group play items you are enhancing their ability to reach out and make friends early on.

Choose Creative Presents--


Pens, pencils, coloring books, play-doh, dressing up clothes, art supplies, fuzzy felt, and Lego what do all these items have in common? The answer? You can do stuff with them, they aren’t designed to be single purpose items and kids can create entire worlds with just a few building blocks, felt fabric shapes, or lumps of colored clay. Children also love tactile toys like teddy bears, dolls, and cuddly plush cats as these are items that provide emotional comfort and can be hugged as well as being used for a broad range of games. Toys are often the audience to whatever activity your kid is currently immersed in, either guests at a tea party, presenters on TV, a made up family, or the audience for their magic show.

Don’t Blow Your Budget--


Kids don’t need expensive gifts so costly presents could cause you problems if they turn their nose up at it. Or more likely put parents in an awkward spot because they’ll feel pressured to get your child something of equal value in return. Keep things simple, ask their parents what they’re currently into or remember what you liked when you were that age and purchase something similar.

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