08 February 2017

Three Tell Tale Signs That It's Time You Moved House

It is generally pretty widely accepted that most of us move house at least a few times in our lives. For some people, moving is something they are used to from a young age, as they may move around for college and stay in different types of accommodation. But even if you have never rented and only bought, you can still expect to live in a few different properties before you finally find the one you want to settle down in. This is largely because property is an asset you can make money from, and also because it is rare to find your dream house in the first place you look. But selling and buying a house is no easy matter, and you need to know that it is the right thing for you and your family to do. So, how exactly do you know when you should move house?


Let's face it: we've all sat on Pinterest for a lot longer than is usually acceptable, looking at dreamy home interiors and wishing we could bring it to our own property. While a little bit of paint and a few handy DIY jobs can sometimes make the world of difference, sometimes we can find ourselves limited in what our handiwork can do. If all your efforts to transform your home are falling flat, it might be time to simply move to somewhere that better suits your tastes. After all, if you are going to spend more money on a renovation than a move, you might as well just call the house movers and get the ball rolling. If it's more space that you need, consider whether having an extension put onto your current place is really worth it, or if it would actually just be better to move somewhere bigger.

Empty nest--

Having a full and busy family home can be an experience like no other. Yes, the constant mess and noise does stress you out at the time. But many mothers find that as soon as it's gone, they start to miss it hugely. On a more practical level, your mortgage for a 5 bedroom property is going to be a lot higher than it would be on a two bedroom house - so if your children have all left home now, it might be worth looking for somewhere more size-appropriate.

Changing neighborhoods--

A lot can happen in a few years. With so many towns and cities being redeveloped, it is unlikely that the place you live is the same as it was ten years ago. While in many cases these developments are for the best, sometimes, they may cause you to fall out of love with where you live. Maybe the area has become much more built up and is therefore very busy now, or perhaps it has been ignored entirely by local authorities like USCIS Atlanta and therefore the crime rate has soared. Whatever it is, you are not obliged to stay somewhere you don't feel comfortable in, so if this sounds like your neighborhood, you might want to make a move elsewhere.

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