01 February 2017

Surviving the Nightmare Home Sale

Before we get into how to survive the nightmare home sale, we need to think about what it is. A nightmare home sale is when your house doesn’t sell after being on the market for a long period. This could be months or even years, and if you check out homes online, you will find a couple of these. For some reason, they just haven’t shifted, and this could be for multiple reasons. Maybe, there’s a serious issue with the home that you can’t fix. Or perhaps there is something about where the home is located. If you can fix the issue, it’s not a nightmare. You just need to take further steps to make your property desirable. A nightmare sale is when you’ve done everything imaginable to make the house look attractive, and it’s still not selling. How do you survive this situation?

Move Out Anyway?--

It’s quite possible that you’re moving for a reason that you can’t control. If that’s the case, you might need to move even if the home doesn’t sell. To do this, you’re going to need somewhere cheap to live until you can free yourself of your previous property. It might even be better to buy a smaller home in the new location and live there until you can shift the old home. It’s possible you can take this opportunity to buy a fixer upper at a lower cost and turn this failure into an investment opportunity. It’s important that you don’t just wait around for the home to sell. There is evidence to suggest you could be waiting for a very long time. Don’t put your life on stand still because of this issue.

Shut it Down--

If you have moved out and the old home hasn’t sold, it might be worth shutting it down. Push the bills right down to the point where the home is still kept at a nice temperature. Particularly through the winter months because if the heating is too low and you can get freezing issues. Next, think about moving any of your more valuable items and furniture out of the home using a service like Canning Vale Storage Units. It’s crucial you do this if you’re not living full time in the home and you’ve basically abandoned it to the sales agency. Burglars can use a home viewing to scope out a property, find if there’s anything valuable and eventually break in.

Off the Market--

Yep, you may want to consider taking the home off the market. It’s possible that the home isn’t selling because the market just isn’t there right now. If that’s the case, then it might take a while to pick up. Unfortunately, the longer your home stays on the market, the more it looks like there’s an issue with it. You want to avoid this type of perception. If you switch to a different agent when you put it back on the market, buyers don’t need to know this is your second attempt. You can cover up the previously failed sale. You can do this as many times as you want-- but it is going to cost you money.

We hope this helps you navigate this tricky circumstance. Remember all houses will sell eventually. You either need to wait for the market to pick up or lower your suggested offer.

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