08 February 2017

Signs You're No Longer a Spring Chicken

Remember the days of old, when you were young, free, and had the whole world and your life in front of you? Well baby, you went out there and you lived the life, but now...hang on, no! That’s right, we’re not as young as we were once were, and we’re probably not even as young as we like to think we are. It’s a jarring, head-wrecking experience, that can make us do some pretty crazy things if we let it get the best of us. Not sure if you’re considered an “elder” among the young folk? Have a look at our tell-tale signs - and be honest with yourself!

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Those Rock and Roll Nights--

The sign of a good night used to be not remembering the night. How many nights can you remember from the past few years? If you’ve switched your clubbing days for wine and cheese nights, your partying in the mountains for game board nights at home, then there’s every chance you won’t ever reclaim those wild days. But do you mind? Clubs have always been overrated and the mountains do get pretty chilly in the evening...better off at home.

Your Budget Changes--

We’re all thrifty, but we’re thrifty with different things and for different purposes. We’re saving up to get a mortgage and buy a house, not so we can afford a keg of beer during the weekend. We’re also no longer scraping up the pennies to buy noodles and a token gesture of vegetables anymore: we’re saving to improve our homes and for our kid’s futures, to make sure they’re going to be set up in life. Yeah, there’s absolutely nothing romantic about those old days: kid savings for the win!


Acquired Tastes--

In our youth, we’re happy to eat and drink whatever we can get our hands on. The cheapest, weakest beer? No problem. McDonald's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Sure, why not. Not so much anymore: we’ve developed a palate that can actually discern between different wines, we not only like olives but have our favorites, and cheese? Yes, all the cheese please!

Not So over the Hills--

Eating and drinking whatever we want and always looking good? Yeah, that was pretty great. These days, we’re not bouncing around town in the way that we used to. We’re moving a little slower, all thanks to that extra tire we’ve been carrying around for a few years. We have to work harder to stay in shape, and usually have less energy than ever before!

A Touch of Hope--

So you’re no longer young, but who cares? Nobody ever remembers the anxieties and pressures of being young. It was not as good as you remember it was. And even if it was, there’s nothing to say that your future won’t be just as good! You’re never too old to break out from the usual and do something truly exciting with your time. Life is all one adventure - and it’s only the people who forget that who turn old!

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