22 February 2017

Practical Furniture Replacements That'll Save You Money

Let’s not lie to ourselves and say that furniture is worth the money. $1000 for a sofa? $500 for a table? $100 for one chair? That’s absolutely ridiculous! We don’t need to spend insane amounts of money just to keep our butts healthy when we sit down and we certainly don’t need an expensive table to eat at. What ever happened to thrifty living and making do with what you had? Why would you need an expensive table to eat at when you can use your computer desk or a coffee table? Why do you need expensive sofas that you aren’t going to sit at because you’re usually at a computer or in your bed?

Let’s face it, we can save loads of money by simply cutting out furniture that simply isn’t practical. If you’re worried about impressing your friends and family members then perhaps you have a good reason to keep up your impressions by buying furniture to accommodate visitors, but if all you are planning to do is live a comfortable lifestyle then you can do away with expensive things.

Beds Are Expensive--

A decent bed from even a cheaper retailer such as IKEA.com is going to set you back a good $500 if you include the mattress. You also have to build it yourself and find some place to fit it. Sure, it might make sense to invest money in your own bed, but what about guests or what if you don’t want to spend so much money?

You could just buy a single mattress, place it on the floor and sleep like that. It’s perfectly acceptable and there’s really no reason why you should feel ashamed unless you are trying to impress someone. Alternatively, you could check out MyInflatableBed.com if you want a bed that is comfortable and saves you plenty of space. You can inflate it whenever you like and let your guests use it should they need a place to stay. You can deflate it after you use it and claim back the space you would’ve used on a bed. Handy, right?

Who Needs Dining Chairs--

Dining chairs are rather pointless. They’re not exactly cheap or comfortable and we only sit on them for about an hour each day or even less because we only sit at the table to eat. Why not invest in a comfortable sofa instead of several chairs? A couple of chairs will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100 per chair, but you can get a long sofa that sits four people comfortably for less than $300. Think about those fancy restaurants and bars that have long sofa-like seating at their dining tables and you’ll realize that very few homes in the United States utilize these types of dining seats. If you happen to live in a smaller area, it might be wise to look into an expandable dining table for small spaces.

Computer Desks Are Overpriced--

Look at the cost of a computer desk and you’ll see that it can exceed $200. Why? Just because there’s an extra drawer or because it has a few holes in the back for cables? That’s absolutely ridiculous considering you could get a standard table for roughly $50 that is sturdy, customize-able, and you can add on an extra drawer for another $50. It’s practical, saves money, and you aren’t paying ridiculous prices for something fancy-looking.

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