08 February 2017

Not Wealthy? You Can Still Be Healthy!

Being healthy doesn’t have to mean buying expensive superfoods, or forking out for high end gym memberships. While these things can be nice if you have the money for them, it’s very easy to stay healthy even if you’re working to a tight budget. Here are some of the ways you can live well without it costing you immensely!

Eat Well For Less--

Filling up on fresh produce, whole grains, and cutting back on meat is a quick way to save money on your grocery bill. Fresh food in stores can be expensive, but if you have a market locally, you can pick up tons of fresh and healthy ingredients without spending much at all. You could even grow some of your own. Fill your store cupboard with wholemeal pasta, rice, and couscous- big bags don’t cost a lot and work out to just a few pence a portion. Bulk out dishes with beans and lentils for protein which allows you to use less meat (or eliminate it completely). Batch cooking can save you a lot of money too. Rather than let produce go off in the fridge, cook it into delicious meals and portion it into Tupperware boxes for the freezer. You always have healthy, home cooked food ready to go. No need for expensive microwave meals that are full of additives, fat and hidden salt, and sugar. If you plan out your meals each week you know exactly what you need to buy, too. This helps you to budget your shopping list better, prevents impulse purchases, and also means less food waste.


Don’t Spend a Fortune on Medicine--

Even the healthiest of people can get sick from time to time, or develop a condition which needs ongoing treatment. Medicine can be expensive which is extremely unfortunate. However, if you buy discount drugs online and get your prescription from non-profit pharmacies instead, it can help to cut costs.

Exercise For Free--

Why spend a fortune paying for a gym to run on a treadmill, when you can lace up your running shoes and enjoy the great outdoors for free? Jogging through the park and getting some fresh air is far nicer than being stuck in a stuffy gym. If you own a bike, drag it out of the shed and take it for a spin, you’ll have fun and stay in shape, too! You could arrange a game of backyard badminton or football with friends, or workout with a jump rope to burn some serious calories. You could even follow an exercise video on YouTube. Getting up and moving costs nothing, you don’t need money to stay fit and healthy. Even workout clothes don’t need to set you back, designer sportswear can be expensive, but you can buy leggings and a tank top for just a few dollars from any store. Many high street shops have a sport/gym section with basic exercise gear which costs a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. So you can still look good and have the right clothing when you work out.

Do you have any tips for living well on a budget?