15 February 2017

Lowering the Cost of Living: How to Make Changes at Home

None of us like paying big bills but sometimes it can seem impossible to cut costs. Cutting costs often feels like cutting corners. Lots of us are hesitant to buy cheaper cuts of meat and less expensive toiletries because we worry the quality won’t be as good. If you’re stuck in a bit of an overspending rut take a look at these simple ideas for some inspiration on lowering the cost of living...

Shop Smart--

Instead of buying the same foods week after week, next time you go shopping take a little more time on your list. Instead of choosing expensive prime cuts of meat, have a look at some of the under-loved cuts. Stewing steaks, for example, are a flavorful and cheap alternative to some other cuts of beef. Thrown in a casserole they melt in the mouth and save you money! Similarly,  don’t shop meal by meal. Consider buying in bulk and storing, or preparing, meals in advance. This will work out cheaper in the long run. Finally, don’t stick to your usual supermarket. Check out the prices at different stores. Whilst you may end up going to two or three for your weekly shop you’ll save money.

Energy Efficient Homes--

The chances are you’ve been with your energy provider for a while. Take a look at some other quotes and see if any other gas or electricity companies can better your deal. Another way to keep costs down at home is to make some small design changes. Invest in some fabrics for your rooms to make them feel warmer. To keep bills down, try this thrifty tip! Combine rugs, cushions, and throws to make rooms feel cozier. Candles are also a good design feature and help to make rooms feel warmer. Curtains rather than blinds, and fabric rather than leather, is the way to go! Be sure to unplug any electronics when you’re not using them, too.

Try Ditching Bad Habits--

Drinking fizzy drinks is all well and good, but having it as a staple every day probably isn’t. Switch your juices and sparkling drinks for some water- straight from the tap! This is an easy and inexpensive change that anyone can make. Similarly, try cutting down on smoking if you do smoke. It’s an expensive and unhealthy habit that you could be spending a fortune on.

Phone Bills--

If you have a mobile phone consider switching to pay as you go. Even as a trial. That way you’ll be able to see what you really should be spending on texts and calls. You might find that your current plan is far more expensive than just topping up as you go. If your phone bill is high, try switching to email as a method of communication. It’s free, and most people have their email accounts on their phone so will receive messages right away.

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