15 February 2017

Keeping Your Health in Check on Vacation

With the weather still keeping many areas of America well and truly iced up, you might be tempted to see what last minute vacation deals you can find to get out there and find some fun. We don’t blame you. For starter’s, winter can go on far too long; after a while, we begin to feel it in our bones. In our bones! Secondly, going away can give us the much needed boost we need to make it through winter, keep us refreshed and energized, and is also good for our mood. It’s a win-win-win situation. However, going away doesn’t mean you’ll be able to throw caution to the wind. You’ll need to take precautions to ensure your health is kept in tip top condition while you’re away.


Going Overseas? Check What’s There--

Overseas travelling is about as exciting as it can get, but some areas might just trip your health up if you’re not properly prepared. While if you’re taking a trip to, say, England you’re unlikely to have any issues, taking a trip to some parts of Africa or Asia could leave you open to a whole host of potentially serious illnesses. Do your research about what may be waiting for you when you touch down and any precautions you can take, as vaccinations may be available.

Out in the Sun--

You’re heading away to get a touch up of sun, but be careful, because the things you love can also turn out to also give you problems (solid life advice!). Spending too much in the sun can cause serious skin problems, such as severe sunburn and skin cancer. You should also find out more about melasma, because some people are more susceptible than others. Making sure you have plenty of sun protection and don’t expose sensitive parts of the body to sunlight is a good start, as is avoiding being outside during the hottest parts of the day.

Knowing Your Limits--

We all get a bit adventurous when we’re in a new area. But be fairly warned: being somewhere exotic doesn’t give you superpowers. If you struggle with physical fitness at home, you won’t suddenly be able to climb a mountain when you’re away. Make sure you keep in line with what you’re capable of, and don’t take any unnecessary risks. Also, be aware that safety standards might be more lax in some countries than they are in the United States, so a degree of common sense will also make sure you get back home in one piece.

Basic Advice--

If you live in a modern urban area, you might not be used to thinking about what you’re putting in your body. But in some areas - though generally not in the United States - water that comes from the tap isn’t safe to drink. Then there’s the inherent risks you take when travelling to some countries, like India: there, you really need to watch what you’re eating or drinking, because eating from street stalls and even restaurants can leave you feeling unwell.

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