08 February 2017

How to Celebrate a Non-Traditional Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: some of us love it and some of us – well, those of us in relationships don’t loathe it exactly. In fact, it’s nice to have a designated day to celebrate our relationships and our partners (except – oh, wait, don’t we also have our anniversaries for that?). The point is that a little more love in the world will never hurt anyone – and you don’t have to go for the same old boring Valentine’s Day plans every year. Here are some tips on how to make this year a big hit.

Stay in Instead of Going Out--

Let’s face it, the reservations in all your local restaurants are probably all booked up by now anyway, so you might have to stay in whether you like it or not! Why not try cooking together before snuggling up on your couch to talk for the rest of the evening? Reconnect with each other to make it a night to remember.
Celebrate Galentine’s Day Instead--

Obviously, your partner and your kids are the most important people in your life – and you know who often don’t get a great look in? Your friends. Why not follow in the grand footsteps of Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation and take the opportunity to celebrate your friendships with your best female friends? Go out for brunch with them, eat pancakes and waffles with way too much syrup and whipped cream, and tell your friends how much they mean to you.
Do a Crazy Activity--

Why not do something with your partner that you’d never usually do? You could try out bubble soccer, or you could start training for a charity marathon, or you could get in your car and start driving together without having made any plans at all. This is your chance to spend some time together so make sure that you seize it with both hands to have the best possible time!
Be Tourists Together--

No matter where you live, there’ll be something that attracts people to your area, whether that’s Buckingham Palace or the best bacon in the local area at the diner around the corner. Spend a day being tourists together – go out with a guidebook and take plenty of photos of each other. Really appreciate the area where you live in a way that you don’t usually get the chance to. Finally, go to a restaurant that you’ve never been to before for the full tourist experience.
Go Volunteering--

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day about celebrating your love for your partner. If you have a good relationship, you should be treating each other well every day. How about extending that love into the world around you, and volunteering at a local charity? There’s nothing that makes people feel more sad and alone than a day like Valentine’s Day so they might be having a rough time – and your friendly smiling faces handing out food at a homeless shelter might just make all the difference. Plus, the way your partner reacts to the idea of volunteering on Valentine’s Day might just make you very proud to be with such a kind and charitable person.

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