18 February 2017

Graeter’s Ice Cream Plans to Reveal Eagerly Awaited Annual Mystery Flavor

I don't think I have met many people that didn't enjoy ice cream every now and then.  Nor have I met many people that didn't like a good mystery.  For those of you that can appreciate the combination of both, March 1, 2017 will bring you the satisfaction of the annual Mystery Flavor of Ice Cream from Graeter's.

Are you ready?

"Graeter’s Ice Cream is launching its annual Mystery Flavor, crafted after one of America’s favorite bakery items. Teasing its arrival, the ice cream company known for its indulgent, handcrafted flavors, rich chocolate chips, and Old World French Pot process, invites consumers to visit a scoop shop or freezer aisle near them to try it for themselves on the day of the reveal, March 1."

What can you expect from this Mystery Flavor?

"Featuring a decadent and subtly tart base, the new ice cream flavor promises complete indulgence with the addition of mix-ins that offer both texture and a unique flavor unlike others currently on the menu in each bite."

Where can I find this new Mystery Flavor?

"The Mystery Flavor will be revealed wherever Graeter’s Ice Cream scoop shops are located, in media and across all social media channels. Please visit Graeters.com to find a location near you."

When can I get the new Mystery Flavor?

Graeter’s Mystery Flavor will be revealed on March 1, 2017. 

To learn more about Graeter’s Ice Cream, visit https://www.graeters.com.

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