08 February 2017

Frugal & Fabulous - Look Good on a Budget

Being thrifty and looking good are things that should not go hand in hand. We associate feeling fabulous and confident with having a safety net of cash that we can fall back on should anything go wrong. For the more frugal among us, we know that that simply is not true; for the less money-savvy, stay tuned…

Ignore the Expiration--

There are some products that recommend that you throw them away 6/12/24 months after expiry. Some beauty staples like mascaras have a recommended shelf life of just three months. Think back to three months ago - you can probably remember quite clearly what you were doing. Did you buy a mascara three months ago? Nope, probably not. Maybe a bit longer ago than that. Three months previously to that? Try again. You’re more likely to harbor this eye essential for up to six years. While it’s not recommended to keep it for this long, you could probably get away with using it for a bit longer than three months with good care and hygiene.


There are so many hacks out there to improvise on what you already have. There’s a rainbow highlighter that is popular at the moment, but there are also plenty of sites out there telling you how to make the same product for half the cost at least - with products that you probably already have laying around your house. Dupes for whatever makeup you already have can be googled simply by the name of the product, saving you money that you would again essentially be spending on something just for the brand name. Instead of paying out for gummy bear implants if needed, save up for them and use bra fillers instead to bridge the gap. There are so many great tips out there online for how to improvise with products and objects that are readily available to you in  your home that you’d be hard pressed going out to spend your money ever again without thinking what could be used in place of it that is already there for free.

Make Do and Mend--

Clothes can often be fixed with a simple stitch. If you don’t know how to sew - learn! We are part of a vitally important age where information is available to us at the touch of a button, click of a finger, tap of a screen - basically, it’s sitting there in front of you and you need to start educating yourself on basic life lessons that previously would’ve been passed down and physically taught to generations before us. We are such a lazy generation in that we will freely watch videos and tutorials on how to do something but probably won’t put it into practice (but as long as we’ve got the information stored to lay out in a Twitter debate, right?). Instead of going out and buying new, make do and mend whatever you problem you have in front of you. It’ll save you money in the long run and you’ll learn new skills along the way.

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