18 February 2017

Don't Be Polite. Know Your Rights.

Have you ever received really bad service but just walk away from it without making a complaint?  Or been promised a delivery which hasn’t arrived? Perhaps someone has made a comment about your physical appearance at work but you didn’t want to make a fuss so left it, but felt really uneasy all day? If this sounds like you then it’s highly likely you are suffering from ‘too polite syndrome’.

Okay... so that isn’t a medically known condition.

We just made it up.  But there are thousands of us who (for the sake of a quieter life) will leave things alone when they upset us.  This can work in your personal life, but when it comes to businesses or the workplace you have got to stand up for yourself.  By doing so you are standing up for others, too.  

If you were involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, would you just say “don’t worry, have a nice day” or would you take insurance details and make a claim.  You keep your children safe in your car, so why let someone else cause them harm.  You wouldn’t and you should apply this logic to other areas, too.

Did you know that when you go to a restaurant you are covered by sales of goods and consumer rights, regardless of which country you are in?  You have to be sure that reasonable care and skill at a reasonable time and a reasonable cost weren’t delivered and that can be tricky.  Make sure, if you are unhappy you do not politely eat your meal and then complain.  You have to give the restaurant opportunity to correct their mistakes.  If you are receiving bad service, call the manager over and complain, calmly.  In cases where you have refused to eat your meal but taken the right steps, most teams will refund you on the bill.  If they don’t you can waive the service charge and walk out.  If you are really unhappy then you can take the restaurant to court by making notes of what happened, gathering evidence through photographs and witnesses and keeping your invoice and receipt.  Do not accept bad quality!

Another area we are too afraid to make a fuss is at work.  Many people will be injured through no fault of their own but be too worried about the implications of accident at work claims.  Don’t be.  As an employee you are protected from being unfairly treated or dismissed, so a boss making your life hell after a claim, is only making the matter worse for himself.

You don’t have to become a professional fuss maker, but it is important if you feel you have been treated unfairly to do your research and know your rights. Do not sit back and stay quiet, you may be saving someone else the pain by standing up for your rights.

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