10 February 2017

Cold Nose: Keeping Your Little Ones from Feeling the Chill

Instead of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted or spending time giving kids cold and flu capsules why not look to prevent rather than cure? We can’t always avoid catching a cold, but there are some things you can do to make sure your kids aren’t forever wiping their noses!


Bundle Them up in Blankets--

Lots of parents don’t know this, but children need to have slightly thicker duvets than adults as they tend to push blankets and sheets off them during the night. If your child doesn’t like being sandwiched between a top and bottom sheet they’ll let you know about it! However, to avoid them getting cold at night, especially in winter, change the duvet to one with a higher tog rating or layer several fluffy blankets and throws over the top. Some kids also have a habit of removing their nightwear at night so make sure they’re still wearing their nightie or pajamas when you come up to bed yourself.


Hot Drinks Aplenty--

When the weather’s cold we can be fooled into thinking we aren’t as thirsty because we aren’t sweating but this isn’t true. You can lose more water through your breath in winter than through feeling hot in summer so make sure your kids are drinking plenty. Family favorites like rich
hot chocolate is perfect, don’t forget the mini marshmallows, as well as fruit teas, lemon and honey, plenty of diluted fruit juice or just water. Supplement drinks with hot, hearty meals, and warming soups to make sure their inner core stays toasty.


Turn the Heat Up--

Did you know that the optimum temperature for a house is around 68 degrees? If it’s cold, windy or snowing outside, you could even increase that to 72 degrees. Houses that are old or open plan tend to become chilly quickly so if you find that it’s always cold when you wake up, or your kids are forever turning the heating knob higher then you may need something  stronger than the old boiler. Why not think about installing underfloor or vented heating? Daikin heat pumps are designed to push heat around the home, keeping all the rooms cozy at once as well as being an easy, discreet solution to your chilly home. It’s easier to keep your house ticking over on a very low heat throughout the winter than having to warm an ice cold system up each day while waiting for the radiators get hot.


Limit Outdoor Play Sessions--

Even though it’s five below (and snowing) children still want to play outdoors, but it’s important that you don’t let them play outside all day. Have regular breaks and tell them beforehand that if they’re cold, or their gloves become too wet, then they need to come inside. Have a change of gloves, scarf, and hat ready for each child and make sure that when they come in, they take off all wet clothing right away including their socks. Being cold, or damp is one of the easiest ways you can get sick, so if they’ve been out there for a good couple of hours, then it’s time for a snack and a little TV time.

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