22 January 2017

Discount Luxury: The Truth About Second Hand Furniture

Budgeting is a huge part of life in the economy we are currently in. We search for the best deals on our food shopping, utilities, entertainment and we love a good 'buy one get one free' deal. There are a few things we cannot skimp on, such as rent (unfortunately!) and home insurance, but there are ways to have a little luxury in the home on a smaller budget.

Buying second hand furniture is just one of the ways you can apply a budget to your home. There are plenty of websites online that offer used furniture at discounted prices and sometimes you can get an absolute bargain for your money. There’s not anyone that doesn’t love a great deal on furniture. Furniture – especially large items like sofas and wardrobes – are expensive. Furnishing a whole house can be costly so picking out quirky items that don’t quite match but that do have a personality of their own can make a difference to your home.
The truth is, buying second hand bargains and discount furniture from the thrift shop has some rules attached and as long as you understand and follow the rules, you can’t get your hand bitten later. Sometimes you may see a piece of furniture left out by a neighbor and if what you find is in great condition but simply not wanted, knock and check you can take it away yourself if you like.
Be very careful about items you find in a driveway. They can literally be the best piece of second hand furniture you’ve ever seen but without tags or signs attached, you don’t know how long it’s been outside and the last thing you want to end up doing is calling in the exterminator because critters have set up home inside! You’re trying to save money rather than spend it on pest control.

While you want to look for excellent quality, it’s important to remember that used furniture has been... well, used before. So look past any stains that can come off with a cloth and a little polish and look at the item as a whole. Refinished oak wardrobes at a great price don’t come around often so don’t be put off! Going into thrift shops that specifically sell furniture, you should keep your eyes peeled for gems as every single shop out there has them. These are the ones that someone has donated after only a few weeks use so you’re getting practically brand new furniture for a discounted price.
Shabby chic is all the rage and anyone who tells you that shopping in a thrift shop is you being ‘cheap’, embrace it! Being cheap is going to get YOU the half price dining table not them. Assuming you have all your faculties about you to give anything you buy a scrub when you get it home, there’s nothing wrong with buying preloved items for a lot less than you would have bought new. Shop smart, shop chic, and shop stylish!

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