18 January 2017

7 Simple Hacks for Making Your Home a Haven

Your home is your safe place, where you shake off the stresses and strains of your day. If you’re anything like me, you’ll work really hard to provide for your family, so you deserve to come home to your own haven of peace and tranquility. If your house isn’t quite there yet, check out these easy ways to make it feel as lovely and luxurious as it should be…

1. Fill your home with sweet scents.

There are lots of ways to harness the healing powers of aromatherapy for your home environment. Scented candles can be picked up at most department and budget stores, but why not go for something a little more sophisticated? Vaporizers that are filled with water and just a few drops of your favorite essential oil can infuse the whole room with a soothing scent in a matter of minutes. Many of these little beauties also look gorgeous too, so they make a lovely accessory for friends to admire as well as making your house smell like a decadent spa.
2. Get an electric fire.

Install the best electric fireplace insert that you can afford for stylish, sophisticated warmth that you can access at the touch of a button. There are lots to choose from, and the luxury of instant heat is perfect for busy moms and career girls – so you don’t have to hide under your duvet to keep yourself warm, and you can welcome last minute guests with ease.
3. Colors for calm.

To transform your home into a chilled-out haven, you need to choose the colors for walls, furniture and soft furnishings with care. The best shades are a little muted, and colors like soft blues, greens, pink and grey are great for creating a relaxed atmosphere that will help you to unwind.
4. Minimize bedroom mess.

To get a great night's sleep, you need to clear out all the clutter from your bedroom. You will find it much easier to relax and switch off if your bedroom has very little in it apart from basic furniture and the clean lines of simple but luxurious linens.
5. Bathroom brilliance.

Give your bathroom a spa-like feeling by putting some nice candles and a few special beauty products on display, and accentuate the comfort factor with a plush bath mat and gorgeously fluffy towels.
6. Leave the lights on low.

Choose lots of little lamps to position strategically all over the house for a cozy glow that breeds relaxation. You can pick these up at stores, markets and online – the hardest part will be deciding what not to buy!
7. Tantalizing touches.

Give your home haven an added luxurious feel with fluffy throws, touchable and soft rugs and cushions that are made for sinking into.
Making your home into a happy haven is easy with a little know-how and effort. Once you get started, you might get the decorating bug, in which case you should have a look at these suggestions. Your home is a reflection of how you see yourself – so it’s worth making sure it’s great.

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