07 December 2016

What We Really Want for Christmas and How to Decipher It

For busy moms, Christmas tends to be about looking after other people. It’s about making sure everyone receives the presents they want and ensuring everyone has a good time. And it doesn’t stop with Christmas presents. There’s the house to decorate, the Christmas meal to plan, wrapping, writing cards, and this is on top of all the usual chores.

We’re often too busy coming up with inspiration for everyone else’s gifts to think about what we would like to receive. What we really want is for someone to give it a little bit of thought and surprise and delight us. Or failing that, to read our mind.


Ooh, this is a tricky one. When our partners offer to buy a romantic gift, one of the choices is lingerie. When we say we want something sexy, what they hear is something skimpy, black, and no doubt a little trashy. What we really want is something elegant, understated and well-fitting, such as Tutti Rouge lingerie. Take note-- please boyfriends, husbands and significant others.

Surprise Me--

Sometimes when asked what we want, we reply, “Surprise me.” What we really mean is, “I want that thing I’ve been dropping hints about for the last three months.” The thing I pointed out when we were shopping two weeks ago, and which even now is bookmarked in the magazine on the coffee table.

And actually, it would be really nice to be surprised and delighted on Christmas morning. If you think hard about what we love and come up with something unusual and unexpected, you get all the points.


There’s a lot of snobbery around books. Chances are the books that are displayed on the bookshelves are pristine and untouched. Whereas the books we really enjoy are well-thumbed and in a pile on the bedroom floor. So when we say we want some good books for Christmas, we don’t mean the latest political biography or celebrity cookbook. What we really mean is that we want the latest heart-pumping thriller or racy bodice ripper.


Because we’re moms, doesn’t mean we’re not cool. Really. So don’t reach for this year’s Christmas choir music or the best of the latest classical singer to grace our screens. We like to dance like nobody’s watching, play air guitar and bop along to boy bands. Take note of the radio station we listen to on the school run and the songs we sing along to.

What Not To Buy Us--

Never ever buy us kitchen appliances or accessories. Yes, we know they will save us time. But no, this is not a good Christmas gift. It says that you value us for what we do around the house. We want you to value us for being us; bright, smart women with real feelings and interests. Buying kitchen appliances equals a frosty Christmas morning. You were warned.

It can be tricky coming up with the perfect gift. We know because we do it for every member of the family, every year. It takes a lot of thought and not just a quick dash around the shops on Christmas Eve. We listen throughout the year. We keep up-to-date with the things you love and make lots of mental notes. What we’d really like for Christmas is someone to do the same for us. Oh, and if you could wrap it beautifully, that would be perfect.

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