15 December 2016

Smart Tips for Keeping Yourself & Your Loved Ones Healthy over the Festive Period

As Christmas is less than two weeks away, the chances are that your mind is on how to dress the turkey and the best stocking stuffers for your kids, but what about yours’ and your family’s health? Come Christmas, a lot of us make the mistake of putting our health on the back burner, but that shouldn’t be the case. Just because there’s a lot going on over the festive period, that doesn’t mean that you should fail to think about your health. (If you do, you’ll suffer for it come January!)

So with that in mind, below are some smart tips for keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy over the festive period.

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Don’t over indulge--

On the one hand, Christmas is about indulging in lots of yummy foods and drinks. However, on the other hand, you don’t want to eat too much, as otherwise, you could end up in an unhealthy state. Yes, allowing your kids to have chocolate for breakfast on Christmas Day is a treat, but allowing them to stuff their faces throughout the Christmas period isn’t okay. Did you know that in the space of a week, you can gain around 7 pounds? Although it’s fine to treat yourself over the festive period, don’t go crazy. To keep yourself and your family healthy, set a limit on snacks. For instance, allow each family member to have three meals a day and two snacks. That way, you know that no one is over indulging.

Stay active--

It’s perfectly fine to spend Christmas Day hibernating inside, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend the entire festive period inside. Instead, aim to use your time off to be active. Go on long country walks, take the kids to the beach for a run around, go for a browse of the sales in your local town. Keep yourself and your family healthy this Christmas by ensuring that everyone stays active.

Be mindful of the alcohol--

While it’s nice to have a couple of drinks at Christmas, it’s important to be careful of how much alcohol is being drunk. Believe it or not, over the festive period is one of the most common times for people to become addicted to alcohol, as there’s so much of it around. The last thing you want is one of your loved ones to drink a little too much and end up in an addiction treatment center. So it’s important to be careful of how much alcohol you’re serving, especially to any young adults, as they are the ones who are most likely to overindulge.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water--

With all the excitement that comes with Christmas Day, a lot of us forget to drink plenty of water. To ensure that you or your little ones don’t become dehydrated, it’s important to make sure that everyone is drinking enough water. A great way to do this is to give each person a bottle of water and make sure that everyone has finished theirs by the end of the day.

So there you have it, how to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy over the festive period.

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