31 December 2016

Modern Board Games That Even Adults Can Enjoy


Bored of all those traditional board games? Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, Clue, and Trivial Pursuit are among the most famous culprits, often coming out to play over the Christmas period. Whilst there’s nothing quite like the traditional oldies, sometimes it’s nice to try something new and fresh. But are there any good new board games? The high street stores would have you believe that they only make new board games for kids nowadays (perhaps to try and unglue them video games), but there are in fact many adult-friendly board games out there on the market. Here are some of those games:


Balderdash is a bluffing game in which players’ creativity is key to the game’s success. Players are given a word and must come up with a made-up meaning for it. Someone meanwhile must write down the true meaning. Players then must try to tell the true meaning from the fake ones (which is where the bluffing comes in). Adding in humor, this test those players even with the strongest pokerface. Categories include weird words, marvelous movies, incredible initials and peculiar people.

Dungeons and Dragons--

This revered role-playing game’s been around since 1974, but with new versions constantly being released it’s always being kept fresh. Players embark on imaginary adventures, playing characters and together solving problems under the supervision of the ‘Dungeon Master’, who essentially serves as the game’s referee. Over rounds characters gather experience points and become increasingly more and more powerful. Often played over the course of a few days, this game takes dedication. It also has a lot of rules, but the imagination that it requires keeps it fun. Once you start playing, you’ll soon be shopping online for expansion packs and a new bag of d20s.

Shoot Out--

Shoot Out recaptures the suspense of western shoot out without, well, actually getting shot. Players face each other on either side of the board (made to look like a street). The game then consists of each player picking up cards until someone scores 14 or more. Each turn then gives the player the opportunity to move forward or to shoot. You can also choose to end the duel and retreat to pick up more ammo. It’s not too complex and a game usually lasts 20 minutes.


This game is set in a world where multiple viral diseases have all broken out at the same time. You play as a bunch of scientists trying to save the earth from the diseases taken over. The game is played on a world map similar to Risk. Players must take it in turns to go through a deck of cards, with certain cards helping to cure the outbreak, others helping it to spread. The game requires players to mesh together their combined abilities and work together to stop the pandemic. With an average 45 minute game time, it’s something that can be played in an evening without having to take breaks.

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