13 December 2016

Don't Let Heat Flee Your Home This Winter!

So, as you’re probably already well aware, it’s gotten pretty darn cold. Our homes are no longer the sweltering prisons they can often feel like during the summer months. Now they’re like freezers - unless you take action! Many will turn the heat up. Some heroic people will try to save money by eschewing the heating and simply putting on more layers of clothing.

But most people actually have fundamental problems in their home that prevent them from getting their home heated properly. This is why you should use these plummeting temperatures to kick-start your investigation into why your home isn’t as warm as it should be! Let’s look at the four key areas that can throttle your ability to warm your home.

The heating--

If your heating system is broken, then you’re not going to be able to heat your house up very efficiently. I know; calling Captain Obvious, right? But heating problems don’t always mean that the heating system is completely busted. Sometimes, it’s simply not running at full capacity. If it’s not performing at its best due to a less obvious problem than “it’s broken,” then you’re going to run into problems! It could be best to get a heating and A/C company to come and look at it.

The walls--

You may not know this, but 35% of all heat loss occurs through the walls! This represents the biggest loss of heat in the average home. So how exactly do you tackle it? It’s certainly the toughest to tackle of all the issues we’re looking at it. But it is possible. What you need to do is look into improved wall insulation. The vast majority of homes have ‘cavity walls.’ Basically, it means there are two layers of brick and an air gap in-between. Not an effective means of trapping heat inside the home!

The windows--

When people think about keeping heat inside the home, they often think about the windows first. This is because double glazing is easily the most advertised solution around. It’s also the simplest of the ones we’re raising here! Many modern homes already have double glazing, but a lot of homeowners don’t see it as a very cost-effective modification. It’s true that a lot of people do overstate how much money it will save you over the space of a year. But there’s no denying that it’s incredibly effective when it comes to retaining heat. (It also makes windows a lot harder to break, which is another perk!)

The roof--

Heat rises, right? So it only makes sense that if you’re losing heat in your home, then you need to look up as well as to the sides. You should go up to your attic and check the roof insulation. 25% of heat loss occurs via the roof. A lot of the time, this is simply due to insulation that has lost its efficacy over time. But the roof isn’t something most of us check on a regular basis, so it’s a problem that can quite often go over our heads. (Ha, ha, ha.) Look into ways to fix your roof insulation to keep more heat in your home this winter.